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The Most Stylish Moments from Katy Perry's Witness World Tour

The pop star's looks were out of this world.
Katy Perry has always had a penchant for anything and everything cheeky, extravagant, and show-stopping. But she does pull off her flair for excess tastefully, and in contemporary fashion no less. It’s been 10 years since she released her very first album,

The 2017 Met Gala Theme Will Center Around This Japanese Designer

She’s the second living designer to have a solo Met show in her honor.
Every first Monday on the month of May, Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour throws the biggest party in the world of fashion. As they say, what the Oscars to the film industry and the Grammys to the music industry is the Met Gala to

The World Has Never Met a PR Genius Quite Like Taylor Swift

She may be evil, but she's an evil genius.
Say what you will about Taylor Swift, but the world needs to acknowledge one basic truth: she is one hell of a PR genius. Her almost 88 million of followers on Instagram and record-breaking album sales didn’t happen overnight. And to give

5 Hollywood Celebrities and Their Pampered Pets

Their wardrobes are purrrfect!
It’s typical for celebrities to have their own pets. After all, they’re also human. But then again, they’re well-known personalities, so it’s no surprise that these A-lister owners spoil their baby animals to the point where they also shop clothes and accessories

6 Outrageous Beauty Looks We Spotted at Coachella

Pastel hair is still in!
No other festival like Coachella has created a look so defined that festival goers from across the globe reference it each time they attend concerts or other functions similar to it. It’s the place where everyone’s inner gypsy or bohemian flowerchild comes

The Best and Worst Dressed at the 2016 Golden Globes

See the stars who shone brighter than the rest.
Just as much as we’re excited to find out who bagged which award at the annual Golden Globes, we’re always looking forward to ogle at what the Hollywood stars are wearing on the red carpet. From elegant fringes that looked like a

5 Things to Expect From Katy Perry's Mobile Game

Created by the same makers of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.
Katycats, rejoice! Here’s your chance to meet Katy Perry—well, virtually, at least.Following Kim Kardashian and Demi Lovato, the California Gurl is the latest celeb to create her own interactive game. Last month, she posted a teaser of her candy-hued cartoon universe featuring

Katy Perry Is 2015’s Highest Paid Woman in Music

Move over, Tay Sway.
It’s nice to think that the extra work you put in comes back to reward you handsomely. Certainly Katy Perry must be feeling it right now since she’s just been named the highest paid woman in music for 2015 by Forbes. Cashing in

The Best of 2015 Celebrity Halloween Costumes

See the stars who were dressed to kill.
Halloween only comes once in a year. It's the perfect excuse to dress up and be whoever (or whatever) you want to be. And when it comes to the 31st of October, we can always count on the stars to show up

15 Most Followed Female Celebs on IG

By Instagram standards, these stars are multimillionaires.
Scoring new followers on Instagram may prove to be challenging for us mere mortals, but these stars make the capital letter “K” look like nothing but child’s play. In fact, the hundreds of thousands of likes on their selfies and OOTDs are

Septum Rings Are the New Belly Button Rings

Nadine Lustre, FKA Twigs, Lady Gaga and other celebs are sporting it.
At a makeup class we attended recently, it was revealed that a 90s renaissance is happening with beauty trends. That means barely there makeup and black gothic pouts are making a comeback, and with it, nose piercings.Now this isn’t like those tiny

How Katy, Rihanna and Kendall are Rocking Pigtail Braids

They're back!
A new staple for your look to become on point is one you've mastered since grade-school slumber parties: The Braided Pigtail.This year, our beloved plait has been updated and remade to suit every cool girl in us. Even Cara Delevingne rocked the Pippi

"Bitch I'm Madonna" Drops Today

A friendly reminder for Taylor Swift.
Sure, Taylor Swift packed a punch when she debuted her girl power video (which fired up major #squadgoals), but the crown for video of the year hasn’t been claimed just yet.  Madonna enters the ring with the release of her new music video for

Madonna Pegs Taylor Swift's Bad Blood Poster

No band aid could fix this bullet hole.
Whether or not Madonna's doing it on purpose, there’s no denying the striking resemblance between her Bitch I’m Madonna and Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood posters. She even got her musical BFFs Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Rita Ora, and Miley Cryrus to co-star with

Team Taylor Vs. Team Katy

Sudden death.
Word on the street is that Katy Perry is out to stick it to Taylor Swift after the latter released a song about their long-running feud. (Perry's managers say, though, that this is so untrue.)We here at the Style Bible HQ are

Ouch! Katy Perry's New Song for Taylor Swift

The Katy Perry-Taylor Swift feud continues...
Katy Perry is set to make a dig at Taylor Swift with a new song.The two have a long-running feud and Katy is expected to take their rivalry to a new level after registering a song titled '1984', the year she was


Cultural highlights in 10 words or less.
1. Katy Perry concert: Awesome! Finding your driver after: less so.Word count: 102. For your Laboracay later-grams - this app makes abs.Word count: 83. Met Ball 2015: Enter the frying pan.Word count: 74. Titas of Manila is now a book!Word count: 75. Jinkee,