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How This Filipino-Owned Swimwear Brand Caught the Attention of International Celebrities

Blackbough Swim is the Insta-famous brand that has won the hearts of Kendall Jenner, Camila Cabello, Vanessa Hudgens, and more.
If you’re a beach-loving, bikini-wearing babe who lives and breathes on Instagram, you’ve most likely come across Blackbough Swim on your feed. Whether it’s a simple tag on a sultry summer post by an influencer or the algorithm just wants you to

Vanessa Hudgens Swears by These Foundation Hacks for Super Oily Skin

It's her secret to a skin-like, non-greasy finish.
Everyone with oily skin knows the struggle of staying even at least slightly matte when wearing foundation. We all have own our go-to tricks—some swear by mattifying primers, some "bake" their face with powder, while others simply resort to blotting every few

Vanessa Hudgens Calls for More Strong Female Roles in Hollywood

Check out all the things you can do around the metro this week!
Spice up your life with this week's Preview Finder and check out all the exciting things you can do!Whether it's a jaded school teacher, a tired duchess, or a kick ass weapons specialist, it seems Vanessa Hudgens has grown into an actress with the

Vanessa Hudgens Has a New Christmas Movie Coming Out and We Can't Wait

If you loved The Princess Switch, then this one's a must-watch for you!
Vanessa Hudgens is putting us in the mood for the holidays once again with yet another Netflix Christmas film—just a year after The Princess Switch came out. This time around, in The Knight Before Christmas, Vanessa plays Brooke, a kind school teacher jaded by

8 New Netflix Releases to Binge-Watch for Christmas

Get in on the holiday spirit!
It's that time of the year again for Jose Mari Chan and Mariah Carey to take over every mall's playlists, and Netflix isn't far behind on the holiday memo. Since Christmas for Filipinos always starts four months early, take your Yuletide preparation

Is 'Fingermouthing' the Hot New Selfie Pose?

Just dangle your fingers like so.
From duckface to fish gape, to the less popular sparrowface, 2016 sees a new selfie pose: Fingermouthing. While it sounds a tad perverted, it is actually just dangling your fingers near your mouth for a relaxed, careless look―as if you’ve been caught

6 Outrageous Beauty Looks We Spotted at Coachella

Pastel hair is still in!
No other festival like Coachella has created a look so defined that festival goers from across the globe reference it each time they attend concerts or other functions similar to it. It’s the place where everyone’s inner gypsy or bohemian flowerchild comes

The Best and Worst Dressed in Hollywood this Week

We pit eight stars head to head for a little style battle.
This week we decided to shake things up a bit and check out what the stars on the other side of the world are doing fashion-wise. See who we think slayed and who fell off fashion’s good graces this week.BATTLE OF THE

High School Musical Stars Reunite for 10th Anniversary Tribute

But someone's missing.
High School Musical co-stars Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, and Monique Coleman are reuniting for the 10th anniversary of the beloved franchise. The quartet will join other former castmates for the Disney Channel get-together, which will air in America on Wednesday,

How To Babysit That Girly Girl

8 things to do with your minion-in-the-making.
via Getty ImagesTitas of Manila, lend me your ears. As the weekend approaches and parental couplings are yearning for an hour or two together, you’ve most likely been asked more than once to babysit a little girly girl. If you find yourself

Top Celebrity #ootd Of The Week: August 23 To 29, 2014

Choose your style sister among our fashionable celebs.
Whether you're into sweet or edgy, boho or classic, or perhaps a little bit of everything, we've got something to keep you sartorially satisfied this week. Discover your personal fashion preference and choose a style sister among Hollywood celebrities like Kylie Jenner and

Top Celebrity #ootd Of The Week: August 9 To 15, 2014

This week's celebrity looks will fire up your sartorial cravings.
We hope you’re all having a fashionable weekend, because this week’s #OOTDs are setting the bar high. From the little fashionista to the stylish couple, these celebs will surely fire up your sartorial cravings. We’re seeing classic black and white ensembles from

How To Style The Lob

We'll show you how to style the lob without you needing help from your hairstylist.
We get it. Everyone’s suddenly taking the plunge and getting the lob and now you want it, too. You go to your trusted hairstylist, show him a photo of the celebrity whose haircut you want to cop, and then he chops off

Boho Style Icons: Decode Their Signature Looks

Cop the looks of your favorite boho-chic celebs and make them your own.
Just a little trivia to jumpstart our mini boho style guide: Did you know that the birth of bohemian fashion was greatly influenced by the hippie movement during the late sixties to seventies? Since then, more and more have been into the

Top Celebrity #ootd Of The Week: July 26 To August 1, 2014

Find out which pieces you need in your closet right now!
You might want to stock up on maxi skirts and overalls this season because these are two things your favorite celebs have in common this week. Get some outfit pegs from Bea Alonzo, Georgina Wilson, Vanessa Hudgens, Olivia Palermo, and more from

Top Celebrity #ootd Of The Week: July 19 To 25, 2014

Check out which celebrities had us blown away this week.
The stormy weather may have passed, but what keeps sweeping us off our feet are the oogle-worthy #OOTDs from our stylish celebs. We took a peak at their Instagram accounts and spotted celebrity BFFs Bea Alonzo and Shaina Magdayao and Hollwood’s Taylor