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We Finally Discovered Oh Yeon Seo's Secrets to Clear, Glowing Skin

We Finally Discovered Oh Yeon Seo's Secrets to Clear, Glowing Skin
We got to interview the K-drama actress, and her trick to fighting breakouts is not what you'd expect!

Thanks to her stint as a host at Get It Beauty, we had the privilege to find out about the exact makeup that Korean actress Oh Yeon Seo actually uses IRL. We discovered that she loves her warm-toned eyeshadows, MLBB lip tints, and that she absolutely swears by contouring. That said, who would've thought that a month later, we'd get to ask the A Korean Odyssey star about her beauty secrets ourselves? 

Last June 4, Preview had a chance to interview Oh Yeon Seo in a virtual press junket with K-beauty brand AHC. As their global ambassador, the actress indulged all of our questions one-on-one, revealing her go-to skincare products, everyday makeup, and more of her self-care secrets. Scroll ahead to read her answers!

Preview: Maintaining clear skin is a huge part of your job as an actress. Because of that, how do you prevent breakouts and deal with them when they appear?

Oh Yeon Seo: "To prevent breakouts and continue having healthy skin, I make sure that I take care of myself even with my hectic schedule. I maintain a healthy diet, adequate sleep and keep myself physically active by working out regularly. After all, self-care is indeed the best way to look your most beautiful self."

P: What's your daily makeup routine like when you're not working?

OYS: "When I'm not working, I want my makeup to still look very simple. I'm okay to just have light face powder, sunscreen and light lipstick. That's why I really want that my skin is still radiant and glowing so I don't need to put on a lot if I'm just going out on a normal day."


P: With your beauty knowledge, you probably get a lot of questions from your friends about beauty products and beauty tips. What are the things that you recommend the most?

OYS: "Every person has a unique skin type so I recommend that they find a skincare routine that would fit their own lifestyle, one that's simple and not too complicated. It's also important to check if the products that they'll use are carefully studied and backed up by experts."

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What are your go-to skincare products from AHC?

OYS: "On top of my list is AHC's Real Eye Cream for Face Pure. This number one eye cream in Korea is really perfect for me as it helps prevent wrinkles, dryness, and other signs of skin aging.


AHC The Pure Real Eye Cream for Face, P1350, Lazada

"I also like the Peony Bright spot corrector with its brightening effects, Red Serum for that effective skin lifting effect, and the Aqualuronic toner which makes my skin hydrated and glowing.


AHC Ecom Peony Bright Spot Corrector, P1799; 365 Red Serum, P2199; Aqualuronic Toner, P1990, Watsons

"When I dont have time to do a full routine, I use this Hydra Gold Foil Mask that I really love since it nourishes and takes care of my skin so well. Plus, it's so handy that I can bring it when I travel."


AHC Premium Hydra Foil Gold Mask, P349, Watsons

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