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10 Serums That Actually Work, According to the Women Who Love Them

Read their reviews!
With how often most of us edit our skin regimens, you can never really have too many serum recommendations. In fact, after virtually raiding celebrities' serum collections, I was just left wondering about what other women have in their rotation. The more options the

These Pimple-Healing Bandages Are Going Viral on Tiktok

They're the supersized pimple patches you need to try, stat!
Pimple patches are a godsend for anyone who's looking for a quick blemish fix. In just one night, these spot-covering stickers soothe and flatten active acne while it protects it from external irritants such as dust and dirt. It really is one of

These Are the Exact Products in Bea Alonzo's 12-Step Skincare Routine

She even revealed the skincare tip she learned from Dawn Zulueta!
We're often surprised by how simple some celebrities' skincare routines are. Many of them have as few as two to three steps, proving that a complicated regimen isn't always the key to clear, glowing skin. That said, there are still stars who

7 Skincare Products That Will Help Prevent and Treat Maskne

Edit your skincare routine for the new normal!
Not everyone has been lucky enough to enjoy good skin in this pandemic. Many of us are going through "maskne," or mask-induced acne. Unlike regular acne, maskne is formed through the constant heat, pressure, and friction from wearing a mask. Our faces

10 Best Glossier Products You Need to Try in This Lifetime

Find out why everyone is obsessed with this beauty brand.
At this point, who hasn't heard of Glossier? The beauty brand has practically become the standard for real girl skinimalism since launching in 2014—its name is now synonymous to dewy skin, fluffy brows, plus a bubble wrap pouch in a very specific shade of

10 Best Face Serums That You Can Buy for Under P1000

Good for the skin, easy on the wallet.
They may not be as crucial as cleanser and moisturizer, but serums play such an important role in your skincare routine. It's formulated with high concentrations of active ingredients, made to address any of your skin concerns from clearing blemishes to preventing

These Lightweight Sunscreens Are All Under P500

No more excuses for skipping SPF!
Truth be told, not applying sunscreen daily is a grave sin to your skin. Not only does this beauty essential protect you from both UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays, but it also helps you prevent early signs of aging!That said, we

These At-Home LED Devices Can Give You Glowing Skin at Home

Getting glowing skin has never been this easy.
With most of us confined in our homes, it's the perfect time to go the DIY route with our skincare. After all, our skin deserves a little extra TLC after what 2020 has thrown our way. For one, since we no longer

Here's What It's Like to Get a P30,000 Korean Glass Skin Facial

Ever heard of the "Chanel injection"?
Glass skin is still as coveted in the skincare world as the first time we saw it. For a quick refresher, glass skin is a term used to describe plump, even-toned, and luminous skin that resembles glass. This K-beauty trend has inspired

These Beauty Trends Will Be Big in 2021, According to Pinterest

Being a "skinimalist" is one of them.
Pinterest has released their annual "not-yet-trending" report for 2021, which can help us get ahead of the game. New terms such as "skinimalism" and "indie beauty" have surfaced in its beauty category, and they're already making us look forward to the new year!To

10 Best K-Beauty Products We Tried This 2020

These are major game-changers.
A quick look at our vanities right now would tell you one thing: We're obsessed with K-beauty. Sure, we have been for a while, but the discoveries we've had in 2020 have been so game-changing that they deserve an entire article. So,

10 Best Face Serums We Tried in 2020

This year might have sucked, but these serums surely did not.
2020 might have sucked, but we can give it this: It was a great year for skincare. By that, we mean it became a grand opportunity for us to pay more attention to our skin, be it through enjoying the routine more

Here's How Tea Tree Oil Can Help You Treat Your Breakouts

It's the natural anti-acne ingredient you need in your routine.
The existence of tea tree oil is one of the many solid proofs that mother nature is looking out for our skin. This natural antibacterial ingredient helps us treat acne and other skin struggles, expanding our list of breakout-fighting options that include