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Here's How a Real Korean Girl Achieves Glass Skin

Nope, it's not a 10-step skincare routine.
Glass skin—or a complexion so smooth and glowy it's basically reflective—is an ideal skin condition in Korea. The term became very popular last year, so you might've come across many tutorials and guides on how to achieve it. However, no matter how

This Baby Skincare Line from Korea Might Clear Up Your Acne

Is skincare for babies what you needed all this time?
Everyone with acne-prone skin knows that dealing with breakouts involves a lot of trial and error. Aside from trying to look for products that'll zap your zits, you also have to avoid whatever can make them worse. Thankfully, though, the latter is

10 COSRX Products You Need to Hoard from Watsons Now

Shop away!
Good news, K-beauty junkies! You may now shop COSRX's cult-favorite skincare products at Watsons. Before everything gets sold out, here are the top picks you should hoard ASAP. Find out what they are below and why they're worth it!1. AHA Whitehead Power Liquid (P850)COSRX's

COSRX Is Now Available at Watsons in SM Megamall

Race you to the store!
If you're obsessed with Korean skincare, then you probably spend a lot of time online shopping on K-beauty websites, comparing prices, and doing background checks on the resellers (you don't want to get scammed while trying to achieve that coveted glass skin!).

How to Successfully Switch to a K-Beauty Skincare Routine

Safely make the swap.
True-blue beauty girls know that skincare was never a trend—the concept has always been there since the beginning of time. But if you just started a solid skincare routine, or if you've realized you haven't been doing it correctly, or if you're wondering

10 Skin Essences for Every Skin Concern

Update your skin care routine!
Out of the 10 steps that a Korean skin care routine has, essences are probably what confuses beginners the most—and with good reason. For one, the watery texture of essences feel too similar to a traditional toner. And instead of just ridding

This Korean Skin Care Trend Is About to Be Everywhere

It's beaming.
The beaming glow that K-beauty is famous for has a name, and it's not dewy skin. Their 10-step routines are apparently designed to achieve something called "glass skin," which is basically glowing skin but bumped up to a whole other level."Glass skin

5 Underrated Korean Beauty Brands to Keep Tabs On

They might just come out with the next big thing.
We often forget that Korea has one of the most competitive beauty industries out there. New brands pop up every day trying to become a household name like Etude House, Tony Moly, and Laneige. Only a few manage to succeed, but a couple