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5 Content Creators Who Have Opened Up About Their Cosmetic Enhancements

Many of them had procedures done in Korea!
5 Content Creators Who Have Opened Up About Their Cosmetic Enhancements
IMAGE (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/annacay, Instagram/reigermar
Many of them had procedures done in Korea!

As we all know, Filipinos can be quite critical of those who undergo cosmetic enhancements. Luckily, this topic is becoming less taboo, and one big factor of this are the personalities who openly share their experiences online. With their expectations, results, and tips, they also help individuals who are planning to get the same procedures themselves.

Whenever these content creators talk about their procedures, you can see the difference that it has made on their confidence, and we think that's what matters most. So, if you are looking to enhance parts of your body, or just want to get inspired by their openness, we gathered five influencers' cosmetic enhancements stories below.

5 Content Creators Who Shared Their Cosmetic Enhancement Journey

1. Raiza Contawi 

Since Korea has such a competitive market when it comes to cosmetology, the prices are very reasonable. In 2019, YouTuber Raiza Contawi traveled to Seoul and underwent a non-surgical nose lift, lip, and chin fillers. In the same year, she decided to undergo more procedures and traveled back there to get a mini liposuction on her arms and tummy. This kind of treatment is non-invasive, less painful and faster. She advises, "Ito 'yung procedure na hindi mo aasa sa procedure lang, especially when it comes to fat. Kailangan mo talaga samahan ng good diet and exercise." So if you’re interested in getting non-invasive treatments in Korea, let her videos help you out.

2. Miss Nate

If you love to scroll on TikTok, then you must know makeup artist Miss Nate. In his videos, he often talks about the cosmetic enhancements he has done such as rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, and fillers to help individuals who are still deciding on getting such a procedure. 

Upon recovery, he shared that he really loves how his new nose is turning out: "Parang napapaisip tuloy ako na sino na kaya nag pa rhino kasi parang medyo undetectable siya." For his lip fillers, he noted, "Lahat ng kilala kong nag pa-lip filler, hindi pa nagsisisi."

filipino influencers with cosmetic surgery and procedures
PHOTO Courtesy of Miss Nate

3. Rei Germar

Vlogger Rei Germar has always been open about her concerns with her double chin. In 2018, she decided to try botox to minimize the fat in the area. Alongside her procedure, she added lip fillers to emphasize her pout. The year after, Rei flew to Korea to undergo other non-invasive treatments such as fat reduction for her jaw to achieve a heart shaped face, and collagen injections for the under eyes to make them look brighter and less sunken. She was very impressed with her results, "If I have to do it again, I will do it. I am super in love with my under eyes and I can’t wait na mag-show 'yung results nito [her jaw]."

Just last year, Rei decided to schedule for a thread lift appointment to achieve a more contoured look. Even if she vlogged the whole session, she reminded her viewers by saying, "I am in no way encouraging you to change something about yourself. I don't want social media to appear as if it's pressuring you to change something about yourself." She added, "This is something na I wholeheartedly want and this is something that will give joy to me. And I am all for enhancement and I'm comfortable doing it."

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4. Anna Cay

Admitting that her teeth were her biggest insecurity, YouTuber Anna Cay decided to tweak her smile with veneers. She got temporary veneers to start, but had mixed feelings about how it looked at first because she wasn’t used to seeing herself with teeth. Once her permanent veneers were placed, however, she was happy with the result. 

"This is the best decision I have ever made when it comes to my well-being kasi nag-increase ang aking confidence," Anne said. Mas nakakasmile ako kasi dati talaga never niyo akong nakikita sa mga photos na naka-smile, as in nakalabas 'yung ngipin kasi sobrang nahihiya talga ako kasi hindi maayos yung ngipin ko." Keep smiling, Anna!

filipino influencers with cosmetic surgery and procedures
PHOTO BY Instagram/annacay

5. Shekainah Mae Chen

Just like Raiza and Rei, content creator Shekainah went to Korea for her procedures and documented them in a vlog series. She originally wanted to have a rhinoplasty, epicanthosplaty, and blepharoplasty, but she was later convinced in the clinic to do face fat removal as well.

She revealed that once her stitches were taken off, she was scared of the results because her nose looked a bit flat. She thought, "Ito na 'yun? Parang mali." Luckily, she was comforted by her doctor that it’s just a result of swelling and that it will subside in time. Now that she has fully recovered, Shek can’t be any happier with how it turned out. She later on added how her vlog series were able to inspire her subscribers!

filipino influencers with cosmetic surgery and procedures
PHOTO BY Instagram/sheksdiary
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