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6 Filipino Celebrities Who Unapologetically Admitted That They Got Plastic Surgery

One of them calls herself a "proud retokada."
6 Filipino Celebrities Who Unapologetically Admitted That They Got Plastic Surgery
IMAGE Instagram/ramonathornes, chiefilomeno
One of them calls herself a "proud retokada."

Celebrities are no strangers to plastic surgery rumors. Even if they haven't actually done it, they're never safe from public speculations, leaving them with no choice but to address them once and for all, just like how Nadine Lustre and Heart Evangelista recently shut down rumors about going under the knife. 

The public can be quite harsh, so it's no wonder that most celebrities often like to keep their cosmetic enhancements under wraps. That said, there have been a few who were not shy to admit that they've had work done, and we appreciate their openness. After all, your body is your own, and no one should be able to dictate what and what not to do with it.

Filipino Celebrities Who Admitted to Getting Plastic Surgery

1. Chie Filomeno

PHOTO BY instagram/chiefilomeno

In an interview on Tonight with Boy Abunda, former GirlTrends member Chie Filomeno bravely admitted to having her nose done. "There is nothing wrong in enhancing something that you have. It's your own choice as long as wala kang tinatapakang tao, go with it," she said.


She later revealed the reason for her rhinoplasty, and it was to correct a nose injury she obtained when she was born. According to Chie, the doctor accidentally cut her nose during the caesarean procedure, leaving a thunder-shaped scar. It became her greatest insecurity and she was often teased her for it when she was younger. She knew that having it corrected would boost her confidence—and it really does show!

2. Arci Munoz

PHOTO BY instagram/ramonathornes

We've witnessed Arci Munoz's rise to fame since her Starstruck days, and we can see how her beauty has evolved through the years. In fact, the actress has always been at the center of plastic surgery rumors, but it was in 2017 when she finally responded to them.

After a photo of her with a smaller nose went viral online, Arci received many negative comments. When a reporter asked if she could confirm or deny the plastic surgery rumors, she replied; "Deny? No, never, what's wrong with that? As if naman I committed a crime."

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3. Ericka Villongco

PHOTO BY instagram/erickaxx

Teen pop singer-turned-vlogger Ericka Villongco has openly talked about her beauty enhancements on her YouTube channel. Now based in Los Angeles, she even documents her journey during surgery, giving her viewers a glimpse on what to expect if you also decide to get the procedure for yourself.

So far, Ericka has revealed that she frequently gets fillers, has undergone a breast augmentation surgery, and has recently gotten a rhinoplasty. "I'm a huge fan of the beauty cosmetic industry, and I truly believe there is nothing wrong with enhancing one's beauty," she told PEP. "I'm not ashamed to break stereotype molds created by the past generations or to break down the toxic Filipino hate culture."

4. Jinkee Pacquiao

PHOTO BY instagram/jinkeepacquiao

After giving birth to five children, Jinkee turned to liposuction to become more confident in her figure. She underwent a full on procedure on her arms, waist, hips, wings, back, thighs, and upper and lower abs.

"You see, what people don't understand [is that] procedures like these are not always about vanity—more than looking good, it's the feeling good and being healthy that matters," Jinkee said in an interview. However, even if liposuction is always within reach for her, Jinkee maintains a healthy lifestyle by exercising four times a week and eating healthy.

5. Angeline Quinto

PHOTO BY instagram/loveangelinequinto

Angeline Quinto once made headlines after calling herself a "proud retokada." She even shared all the procedures she has done on social media, which include eyelid surgery, arm liposuction, belly liposuction, Thermage, and breast reduction.

"Big deal sa ibang tao ang pagpaparetoke ng ibang artista, hindi naman ho namin itatago kung ano ang ipinaayos namin," she wrote in an Instagram post. "Never ko ikinahiya kung ano ang mga pinagawa ko . At hanggang ngayon napakalaking issue sa iba. Parte ho ng trabaho 'yun at kung may pangbayad naman bakit hindi."

6. Janine Berdin


PHOTO BY instagram/janineberdin

Janine Berdin became the subject of a social media fiasco last year when the internet speculated that she had her nose done. Shortly after, the Filipino singer admitted in an interview that she had a rhinoplasty, adding that she's happier now because of her new look.

"If there's something you don't like about yourself and you are not happy about it, then you can do something. Do something to make yourself happy. You only live once, hindi ba? Just do things that will make you happy," Janine explained. "Kasi kapag hindi ka masaya sa sarili mo, magre-reflect. Kasi nakikita ko rin sa mga post ko rati mga videos ko parang nakikita ko rin kung gaano ako ka-self-conscious. Now when I look at my photos now, when I look at all the videos I take, parang ang saya ko. Parang nakikita ko na ang saya ko na, parang ang saya ko na sarili ko."

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