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Here's Everything You Need to Know About Botox and Fillers

Know the difference between the two!
Aging, wrinkling, and sagging are some of the worst fears of women everywhere. Looking forever young with supple and smooth skin is what we all try to achieve, thus we religiously follow our skin care routines. However, such products can only do

Review: I Used a Nose Lifter for a Week and Here's What Happened

I learned the value of patience.
What: Racosme Nose Lifter What it is: It's a Korean cosmetic tool that you insert into your nose for an instant tip-up, nose job-like effect.IMAGE Gab GutierrezCurrent condition: I don't think I have a super defined nose, nor do I find it too

What It Really Takes to Get the Perfect Set of Teeth

Grew up without braces? This clinic will have you smiling like a celebrity in no time.
The first thing Dr. Nelda Eufemio of Center for Advanced Dentistry will tell a patient is, if you want to change something about your face, let the first thing be your teeth—it makes a whole world of a difference. 80% of the