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Here's Everything You Need to Know About Getting Lipo

The stuff you're too shy to ask.
Exercise has never been my thing, and I don’t think it ever will be. This is why I know that somewhere down the road, I will seriously consider liposuction—on my thighs, at least. Even at my thinnest (I was 100 pounds on

Vanity Tax on Cosmetic Procedures Might Be Pushing Through After All

The Senate has agreed at a percentage.
The first time we heard of the vanity tax reform bill was in January, with a lawmaker proposing additional taxes for beauty products and procedures in place of fuel. It was faced with widespread criticism, so much that the representative who proposed

Here's Everything You Need to Know About Botox and Fillers

Know the difference between the two!
Aging, wrinkling, and sagging are some of the worst fears of women everywhere. Looking forever young with supple and smooth skin is what we all try to achieve, thus we religiously follow our skin care routines. However, such products can only do

What It Really Takes to Get the Perfect Set of Teeth

Grew up without braces? This clinic will have you smiling like a celebrity in no time.
The first thing Dr. Nelda Eufemio of Center for Advanced Dentistry will tell a patient is, if you want to change something about your face, let the first thing be your teeth—it makes a whole world of a difference. 80% of the

The Other Uses Of Botox

Need a lift? There's more to Botox than just filling in those wrinkles.
Botox: the injectable toxin that some consider to be the fountain of youth. For the vain that knows no pain, it is but a mere wrinkle freezer that keeps your face (well?) intact in the fight against the clock. In fact, according

Celebrity Skin

Bench SKIN Expert opens in Glorietta 4.
Loyalists of the retail überbrand now needn’t go outside the family for their skincare needs. Bench, local trailblazer in Filipino clothing, accessories, and even beauty salons, now expands its ever-growing conglomerate (what a big year 2012 was for #GlobalBenchsetters!) by adding dermatological

Kris Aquino's Belo Homecoming

Kris shares the top three treatments she's undergone since reuniting with the Belo Medical Group.
Celebrity break-ups are never easy—especially those between a star and her dermatologist. But luckily, the smoke can clear and reconciliations are possible. So has been the case between Kris Aquino and Dr. Vicky Belo. After a well-publicized falling out a few years