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These are Makeup Artist Laura Mercier's Tips to Achieve a Flawless Face

These are Makeup Artist Laura Mercier's Tips to Achieve a Flawless Face Her expert advice: You don't need to do a full face.

You might be more familiar with her eponymous makeup brand these days, but Laura Mercier has been revolutionizing the way we do makeup since the 1980s. A firm proponent of the “no makeup” healthy glow, she’s famous for her Flawless Face technique, and she’s even created products to help achieve it. We caught up with Laura herself at a virtual press conference to learn more about how to achieve it.

First things first, inasmuch as she’s well-versed and skilled in creating the looks beauty trends tout, Laura remains true to her own philosophy when it comes to using makeup. “My preference is to make everyone’s unique beauty shine rather than have everyone look like each other,” she said, adding, “I will continue to put the accent on what makes you you.”

So how do we get started? “It’s really going for what you don’t like on your face that has to be corrected or evened out,” Laura says. Looking flawless starts with your skin, “because that is going to support whatever you do next,” she explains. For her, makeup is individual as we all have our unique features and concerns. So start by taking a look in the mirror to decide what needs to be covered up and what needs to be enhanced to give you the confidence you need to face the day. For example, if you have dark circles, she said to skip foundation and pat concealer directly onto the area. Or if you have spots, marks, or other areas that need to be evened out, she says to apply “camouflage” where you need it, but not overly do so. 


The next step is key to really blur the flaws and at the same time set your makeup. To get a flawless finish apply Translucent Loose Setting Powder like her brand’s latest release in a warm shade called Honey (P2150,, which will be available this September. Laura shared that using “the puff gives the best result, to me.”

Start by filling a velour powder puff with translucent powder by pouring product onto it, folding it, and rubbing and pressing the sides together ’til fully absorbed. Fold the puff outwards in half and then press and roll it onto your face to really deposit the powder evenly. Watch the video of Laura Mercier Philippines Training Manager Yciar Castillo below to see the technique in action.

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And once you’re done perfecting your complexion, Laura says to work in terms of your priorities, “what will be meaningful” she says. If you don’t have time to do your whole face, just do what’s important to you: lashes to open your eyes, maybe; brows to frame your face; or perhaps blush to give cheeks a healthy color.

In summation: Laura Mercier’s Flawless Face, in her words, is all about “covering the flaws, and emphasizing what’s beautiful.” She shares, “I found that makeup is crucial to feel good. It has helped me build confidence just to feel good first with myself.” As fellow makeup lovers, we wholeheartedly agree!

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