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This Instagram-Famous Celebrity Makeup Artist Is Coming to Manila

Nam Vo is ready to make Manila glow.
Attention, dewy dumplings! The glowy makeup queen of Instagram, Nam Vo, is coming to Manila!The celebrity makeup artist announced the news on her Instagram stories, and guess what? She's collaborating with local beauty brand Bench Beauty for a fun little project this

22 Celebrity Makeup Artists You Need to Know Now

Take notes from these beauty gurus.
Believe it or not, your favorite artistas don't look as flawless as they do on TV as soon as they wake up. Most of them are backed by a team of talented artists who make all the magic happen.Here, we're zooming in

This Season's Beauty Trends According to Your Favorite Celebs

Spring summer's looking pretty.
While we excitedly anticipate new fashion trends to roll in every season, another part of watching the shows on social media thrills us just as much: runway beauty! So much color! So much blush! Skin, skin, skin! And because it's spring/summer, the

How Much Does It Really Cost to Become a Makeup Artist?

Five MUAs talk about the expenses (and rewards) of pursuing makeup as a career.
If you're one of those girls whose first eyeshadow palette (think back to when you were five years old!) was made of pink plastic featuring cheap glitter gunk, this story's for you.  Now that you're all grown up and you never really

How to Achieve Natural, Feathery-Looking Brows

It's like you didn't even try!
Do you remember the time when we were all pressured to have an impeccable set of arches just like Cara Delevingne's? Instagram brows were so hot back then. Today, I'm happy to report that you can stop forcing yourself to follow this trend. Embracing

Jigs Mayuga's Letter to His Younger Self Will Move You to Tears

The makeup artist opens up about his inspiring story.
Dearest Jigs,I know this may sound cliché now but believe me when I say, things really do get better.Hold on to the goodness in your heart and keep the faith. At an early age, you will notice that you are different. And though you

5 Makeup Artist Hacks You Need to Know

Straight from celebrity makeup artist Jigs Mayuga.
When it comes to beauty advice, there's no better source than straight from the experts. In the video below, our guest editor for the month of June clues us in on how to get that fresh foundation glow, how to achieve those

This Shade of Dark Lipstick Will Look Especially Great on Morenas

Let celebrity makeup artist Jigs Mayuga help you nail this look.
Wearing a bold lip color can be quite tricky. Not everyone is daring enough to trade their universal pink lipstick for a swipe of scandalous red or dangerous plum. But a dark lippie, when worn right, actually makes for a great statement-making

The 5 Secrets to Achieving the No-Makeup Look

We got celebrity makeup artist Anthea Bueno to spill the beans!
The no-makeup look is more complicated than it sounds. Although the name itself suggests au naturel, it’s no secret that achieving this supposedly “effortless lewk" requires the actual use of makeup. And to be quite honest, it’s even more difficult to keep

Here's How You Can Easily Achieve That Glowing Bridal Makeup

As told by the master of bridal makeup himself.
There are very few things more captivating than a bride. She has that lit-from-within radiance that many of us can only dream of, and looking like that every day is just another beauty fantasy. But not anymore. In collaboration with four of the

10 Celebrity Makeup Artists You Can Book for Your Wedding

Because you deserve to be a star on your big day.
On her wedding day, a bride deserves nothing but the best—and that, of course, includes a makeup artist who will make her feel at her most beautiful. Even if it takes being an artista for a day, we say, why not? After

8 of the Best Makeup Brushes That Will Step Up Your Beauty Game

Celebrity makeup artists approve!
Never underestimate the power of using a makeup brush. Though our ring fingers usually do just fine (especially during the lazy days), you’d be amazed at how big of a difference it makes when you’re using the correct beauty tool. Since we