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Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay's Sultry Back Tattoos Will Convince You to Get Inked

Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay's Sultry Back Tattoos Will Convince You to Get Inked
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/maria.elena.adarna
Ellen and Derek also share the real meanings behind their tattoos!

Set to tie the knot soon, it's undeniable that celebrity couple Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay is one of local showbiz' hottest pairings right now. In fact, the two have been quite active on Instagram, teasing us with their alluring pre-nup photos. Photographed by Pat Dy, the soon-to-be married couple striked sultry poses up in the mountains, with no hesitation to show some skin here and there. 

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/maria.elena.adarna

In one set of pictures, you'll see the couple in a steamy, topless embrace, which gives us an ample view of their back tattoos. We can see some text inked right in the middle of Ellen's back, while Derek has designs both at the top and bottom regions of his body. 

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/maria.elena.adarna

This isn't the first time we've seen ink from the two, though it is quite seldom to spot the ones on their backs given how they're usually hidden. Curious to uncover the meanings behind them, we asked the couple about the designs on their back and why they had them placed there. If you're thinking about what and where to get inked next, you might just want to read on.

The real meanings behind Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay's back tattoos

Both Ellen and Derek have very personal denotations attached to their back tattoos. For Derek, his upper tattoo depicts the mantra "What can't kill me [makes] me stronger" in Spanish. In the middle of it is the English flag with the three stars of the Philippine flag incoporated, which is a tribute to the actor's heritage. Down below, three totem poles are illustrated. When asked what they mean to him, the actor shares that, "[he] got them because [he] really [admires] the strength of the native American people."

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/maria.elena.adarna
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Ellen's, on the other hand, relates more to her familial upbringing. "It's Sanskrit [for] 'Beautiful Mess.' My dad used to call me a beautiful mess," she explains, "I was a beautiful mess and [I] still [am one]. I got it when I was a teenager. It's my first tattoo." Ellen goes on, "Life is a beautiful mess, life is [love]."

One might wonder why they chose to have such meaningful tattoos on their back, which wouldn't be seen unless they don swimsuits (which, in fairness, they do a lot.) While Derek has no particular reason for placing them on his back other than thinking they would look better there, his future wife has a more specific and practical reason. 

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/maria.elena.adarna

"I wanted something I can see and hide if I want to, so I chose my back," she says, "I get sawa fast so all of my tattoos are hidden." 


When you think about it, it is quite the smart choice to get ink on one's back since you can hide or show it depending on the day. A backless dress or top will flaunt them perfectly, and they'll get to bask in their full glory when you have a bikini on at the beach. If those just aren't the moods, take a page out of Ellen's book and cover them up when you feel like it.

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