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Here's How to Give Yourself an Underarm Facial at Home

No fancy equipment needed!
Here's How to Give Yourself an Underarm Facial at Home
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No fancy equipment needed!

Facials, despite its prefix, aren't just for your face. Any part of your body that accumulates dead skin and clogged pores would appreciate that kind of TLC, too—your underarms, included. And just like regular facials, you can also DIY a sloughing treatment for your armpits right from the comfort of your home. No fancy equipment needed! Keep scrolling for a step-by-step guide:

How to DIY an Armpit Facial

First things first: If you plan to do this DIY facial, do it on a day when you aren't shaving or waxing your armpits. Doing both on the same day will be too much for your skin, so space it out! Now that's out of the way, take note of the steps below to proceed!

Step 1: Cleanse

Every facial starts off with a clean canvas. Use a mild, moisturizing soap (preferably fragrance-free) to gently cleanse your underarms and remove excess grime.


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Step 2: Steam

Steaming will soften your skin and help it absorb all the products in this DIY facial better. If you don't have a steamer at home, you can press a hot towel over your underarms for a minute to achieve a similar effect. Make sure to check that it's not scalding beforehand!

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Step 3: Scrub

To get rid of any dead skin and residue from your underarm products, gently massage a body scrub over your skin for at least 30 seconds. Don't apply too much pressure, because excess friction can actually cause darkening. Scrubbing in only one direction helps reduce pressure, too!


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Step 4: Acid "Peel"

Next to a scrub, acid exfoliation is great for improving the tone and texture on your underarms. But since you don't have your dermatologist's chemical peels with you, opt for an over-the-counter exfoliator or acid toner with AHAs (glycolic acid, lactic acid) in a tolerable percentage (5% to 20%) instead. That said, since our undearm skin is thinner and more sensitive, apply the exfoliant over a small patch of skin to test for allergic reactions.

Once you have your acid, apply it with a cotton pad for an even layer, and then leave it on unless the product requires rinsing. If your skin feels a little too tingly, soak another cotton pad with water to dull the acid. You can finish up with a soothing gel for a more luxurious treat, but you can also just stop here! Consider skipping deodorant for the rest of the day, too, just to give your underarms a breather after.

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