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Mari Jasmine Will Convince You to Cut Up Your Old T-Shirts

Grab those scissors!
Your early childhood DIY frenzy should never be forgotten. Those haphazard experiments with scissors and glue and paint are precisely what shaped your current good taste! Formative years indeed. Mari Jasmine wil be the last to put those craftsy, carefree days behind

How to Make a Bag Strap Out of Your Scarf

In case your fave purse doesn't come with a crossbody sling option!
Quick story time: I was mindlessly scrolling through luxury consignment e-shop  TheRealReal last weekend, and found an adorable mini Lady Dior that was selling for a total steal price. The catch? It didn't come with a long strap! This made me think

This 3-Ingredient Serum Can Make Your Eyebrows Grow Faster

And you can make it at home!
At one point or another, we've all done something to our eyebrows that we regret. Be it overplucking, shaving, or a laser treatment that didn't go as planned, it usually ends one way: the loss of a few (or, well, a lot) of

This Is How You Turn a Clear Plastic Bag into a Fashion Statement

And yes, we mean the kind that your Amazon deliveries come packaged in.
"Life in plastic / It's fantastic," the song goes, and seeing as it's a certified Spring/Summer 2018 trend, the words couldn't be truer than they are now. This season, anything clear and PVC is 100% in (the runways at Valentino, Calvin Klein, and

DIY: How to Make Your Own Pair of Statement White Pumps

Give it a hot new look.
For the last couple of years, we’ve seen fashion fall in love with sports on a whole different level. From race car checks to wild motorbike leather overalls, there has been an obsession with extreme sports that has led us to love

Here's How You Can DIY a Pair of Sock Boots

You'll be done in five minutes, tops.
Sock boots have been stomping down both the runways of Fashion Weeks and the streets of fashion capitals worldwide. It won't be farfetched to argue that they just might be fashion's current favorite footwear. All the style set's most popular names are

4 DIY Ways to Make Your Clothes Waterproof

Don't let the rain ruin your clothes.
During rainy days, it's such a struggle to go places while remaining dry. It pays to be prepared amid the erratic weather, and since not every piece of clothing we buy is waterproof, you should know that you can always DIY it

This DIY Hack Turns Ordinary Shampoo Into an Anti-Dandruff Treatment

No more emergency shampoo runs!
Anyone suffering from dandruff would know the struggle of finding the right shampoo. Every bottle in store shelves promise to get your flaky situation sorted out, only to disappoint you after 30 washes. As it happens, you're probably changing shampoo brands every

DIY Tutorial: How to Fray Your Denim Jeans

Fringe galore!
We have a long fixated obsession for anything denim. A staple in every girl's closet, we especially love our denim jeans. This versatile piece of clothing is comfortable to wear and easy to pair with just about anything we have in our

No Sweat Tips on Throwing an Awesome House Party

Be the hostess with the mostest.
With the Christmas season just around the corner, it is perfectly expected for a warm go-getter city girl to host get-togethers to celebrate the holiday cheer. Here are no sweat tips on throwing a bash like a pro.Step One: Draw up a

3-Step Nail Art Ideas That You Can Do on Your Own

DIY a nail spa at home!
Tired of your usual solid-colored nails? Don't fret! We have the easiest three-step nail art ideas that you can totally do on your own. So grab your manicure kit and let’s get started!The FeatherWhat you’ll need: base and top coat, white and

DIY Summer Cocktails

Cool down and get buzzed with these drinks you can make at home.
Everybody has time for a drink. And if you're too lazy to go to your favorite barman, here are cocktails you can totally make at the comfort of your own kitchen.FRUITELLABy AK Roxas of Dillingers 1903 and Prohibiton Liquor LoungeYOU’LL NEED:40ml Ketel

Hairstyles You Can Do On Your Own For The Holidays

Learn how to do your own 'do with these easy-to-follow videos.
We welcome the Yuletide season with a positive attitude topped off with a spanking new look to match. We’re pretty sure a handful of you are planning to get a haircut or a new hair color to ring in the first of

Do-it-yourself: Turn Your Kohl Pencil Eyeliner Into A Gel Eyeliner

We teach you how to turn your pencil liner into a gel with one easy step.
Have you been wanting to try a different type of eyeliner for the longest time, but are too afraid to spend on one only to realize it’s not for you? Then we might just have something for you. The long weekend—a staycation

Beauty How-to: Diy Hand Exfoliant

Because having dry, cracked hands are simply not an option.
No matter what your job or relationship status is, keeping your hands clean and moisturized is a definite must. You never know whose hand you’ll be shaking next or if the guy you’re dating will finally hold your hand, so it’s best

The Easiest Diy Face Mask Ever

Who knew your fave breakfast staple could do wonders on your face?
Say tata to unsightly and bacteria-breeding large pores ladies, because the egg is here to our rescue. Yes, your everyday, ordinary, chicken egg is the answer to your pore problems. Packed with protein to fight wrinkles, magnesium to slow down skin aging,

Get Rid Of Cellulite Fast With This Coffee Scrub

Say bye-bye to your lady lumps!
I’ve waxed poetic on my love for coffee before, but the list of beauty benefits keeps on growing! Turns out, reusing your coffee grounds makes a mean cellulite-fighting scrub. With the caffeine kick tightening your skin, it gives off a more toned