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5 Easy Ways to Exfoliate Your Underarms

Scrubs aren't your only option!
Exfoliation is key to achieving smoother and more even-toned skin on both your face and body. The same applies for your underarms, so if you're not already exfoliating that area, now is the time to start. Below, we list some of the

Two People Who Got "Vampire Facials" Test Positive for HIV

The beauty trend was popularized by Kim Kardashian.
Are you the type who likes getting revolutionary and unorthodox beauty treatments? You may want to hold off on this one.Rolling Stone reports that two people have tested positive for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, after undergoing so-called “vampire facials,” a treatment

10 Facials to Try If You Have Acne, Based on Your Budget

Zip and zap those zits away!
If your current skincare routine isn't being as effective as they should be when it comes to treating your pimples, don't fret—you can always try an anti-acne facial! These treatments use innovative technologies and techniques to deeply cleanse and unclog pores and get

Review: This Facial Shrank My Pores After Just One Session

Goodbye, enlarged pores!
I’ll be honest: Im not a big fan of facials. I have sensitive, acne-prone skin and I’m also susceptible to scarring. But when I heard of this facial treatment that’s safe for troubled skin and targets issues like enlarged pores, redness, oiliness,

This Stylist Had the Skincare-Themed Bridal Shower of Our Dreams

Best bridal shower idea ever!
If you've never thought of throwing a skincare-themed bridal shower, then let celebrity stylist and bride-to-be Kimi Yap show you how it's done. In partnership with La Mer Philippines, she and her sister Boop Yap treated their closest friends and family to

We Tried the Celebs' Favorite Belo Treatments and Here's What Happened

We got to experience the same beauty treatments the stars had in preparation for the ABS-CBN Ball!
Hours before the ABS-CBN Ball, Belo Medical Group invited us to their Belo Beauty Suite to experience a full celebrity treatment. We tried everything—from facials and masks to the widely popular beauty drips—to see if the stars' skin secrets will have the same magical effect on

What Is the "Hollywood Facial" and Why Do Celebrities Love It?

It uses a magnet to clean your pores!
When we think of a skin detox, two things always come to mind: clay masks and facials. Clay masks are amazing at drawing impurities from the skin, while regular facials are a must for maintaining clean pores. But what if we told

This Facial and Laser Combo Gave Me Brighter Skin

Get glowing!
What: Intensive Soft Mask Treatment, P2200; Ivory White Laser (Whole Face), P4000; both Clara International Skin and Body CentreThe Intensive Soft Mask Treatment is a relaxing facial that leaves you glowing with the help of a combination of two leave-on masks. The

10 Beauty Splurges You Should Make In Your 20s

Treat yourself.
Our skin care and makeup collection speak for themselves: beauty comes at a (steep) cost. Because despite our love for affordable finds, investing in certain items can give you worthwhile results in the long-term. For example, splurging a little on skin care

10 Beauty Treats to Pamper Your Mom With

Make her feel extra special.
Being a mother is not your average nine-to-five job. They're on-call 24/7, with no vacation or sick leaves. That said, whenever Mother's Day hits, you should make it your official task to pamper the most important woman in your life. Material things

Fuss-Free Facials for the Working Woman

And you can have them done right at the mall, too.
If the mall is your second home and you find yourself there after long hours at work or uneventful weekends, then why not pamper your tired skin and try out Shiseido's new facial services? If you're already a fan of the Japanese

10 Expensive Beauty Things You Should Treat Yourself To

You deserve it.
Girls know that nothing in beauty ever comes cheap. That’s why it’s so hard to instantly shell out cash on products and treatments that you want to try. Our advice, however, is to save until you have enough to treat yourself! Because after working

Amp Up Your Face Mask With This Easy Step

Who needs an expensive facial when you can get polished, glowing skin from the comfort of your own bathroom?
Is your skin looking a bit dull and lacklustre from all the stress school and work dumped on you? Sometimes, finding a window in your busy schedule to set an appointment with the derma seems quite impossible and this makes us turn

Diy Skin Booster Masks

Add a homemade spin to your beauty routine by trying out some of these recipes.
This weekend, I urge you to turn to the kitchen to source your prettifying needs. You might not notice it, but your pantry is bursting with skin-friendly ingredients that you can churn into facial masks. Apart from being budget-friendly, mixing up your

Watch: Pamper And Prettify

It's definitely possible to switch on your inner radiance courtesy of a facial massage. Here's how!
We get amazed with the fresh, glistening complexion of celebrities both foreign and local. Apart from having their own glam squad, their little secret is having their delicate faces undergo a soothing facial massage to wake up their blood circulation and boost