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We Asked Celeb Hairstylists for the Best Haircuts and Colors to Try in 2020

The pros have spoken.
We Asked Celeb Hairstylists for the Best Haircuts and Colors to Try in 2020
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The pros have spoken.

The new year salon rush is a real thing, and we know a lot of you probably delayed your hair appointments to avoid the long lines. It sucks to wait a little longer, but one perk to that is you have more time to decide on a cut and/or color that you really want. To narrow down your options, we asked six professional celebrity hairstylists for their picks for the best looks to try in 2020. Choose among their recos below!

Must-Try Haircuts for 2020

1. Pixie cut

The It girls' go-to hairstylist Mong Amado tells us that hair trends for the year point to not having an in-between style. "It's either pixie cuts or super long straight hair," he says.

2. Long and straight

"I think in 2020 it's time to go back to long, beautiful hair," admits Heart Evangelista's go-to hairstylist Jeck Aguilar. "To make it modern, ask your hairstylist to add soft layers. Having long hair also lets you have so much fun styling since the possibilities are endless."


3. Curtain bangs

Bangs will surely make a comeback this year, and all the hairstylists we interviewed recommended a very specific kind—curtain bangs. "Curtain bangs will be in this 2020 because it's low-maintenance and it suits all face shapes," explains Mark Ibarrola, who glams up Karylle. It can look especially flattering on those with round faces as well, according to Kathryn Bernardo's trusted hair whiz John Valle, since the way it covers both sides of your mug provides a slimming effect

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4. Shoulder-length hair with bangs

If you're after an age-defying look, John Valle also recommends a full or side-swept fringe. "Bangs will definitely make you look younger. It helps cover some fine lines especially on the forehead," he says.

The hairstylist recommends pairing bangs with a shoulder-length cut. "The way you style your hair is also important. Hindi ibig sabihin 'pag long bob ang haircut mo, okay na (Just because you have a long bob haircut doesn't mean you should just leave it be). It's better to add some texture to it, and dapat confident ka sa look mo (you have to be confident about your look)."

5. Blunt bob

"Haircuts for 2020 are all about face framing," salon creative director Mark Rosales shares. A jawline-length cut, for example, is one he recommends since it shows off your neck and defines your jaw.


6. Natural hair

According to Vivoree Esclito's hairstylist Mycke Arcano, embracing your hair's natural texture should be a goal for this year. "If you're curly, define your curls and show them off," the hairstylist tells us. Create a hair care routine that suits your hair type, because healthy hair is a look, too!

Must-Try Hair Colors for 2020

1. Coffee hair

The trend of making your hair resemble a beverage will go on this year, Mark Rosales notes (remember milk tea hair?). "For 2020 [people] will be wearing coffee hair and playing with neutral colors like brown," shares the creative director of Marqed Salon. He recommends getting coffee-colored hair with dark roots so you won't have to touch them up so often.

Speaking of coffee hair, this trend is absolutely perfect if you have tan skin. John Valle suggests getting highlights on dark brown hair for a flattering sun-kissed look, while Mong Amado recommends keeping it simple yet chic with a smooth base of dark brown tresses.

2. Light ash blonde

For all you fair-skinned ladies, John Valle has a brighter hair color pitch. He recommends getting a light ash blonde dye job, which won't just change up your look, but add some golden tones to your skin.


3. Classic blue

Mycke Arcano and Mong Amado both think blue hair is going to be a hit in 2020—it is Pantone's color of the year, after all. Aside from being incredibly timely, however, it can also be easy to pull off when done with dark roots. It fades quite gracefully, too!

4. Rose brown

In case blue is a tad too bold for you, Mycke recommends a rose brown dye job. It's a more approachable way of getting pink hair, thanks to the predominantly brown base.

4. Black

If you're part of the population who went all out with color last year, then Jeck Aguilar's hair color pick might be up your alley. "I'd recommend to go back to natural black since it's been all about experimenting with hair colors for the past years," says the hairstylist. "Black hair can also make you look youthful, but if you want a bit of character, I'd also recommend getting some highlights."

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