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Sandara Park Is the Latest Celebrity to Join the Tala Dance Craze

She was taught by Teacher Georcelle herself!
It appears that the "Tala" dance craze is still far from dwindling. Sandara Park, or Dara as she's often called, is the latest celebrity to join the bandwagon—and we're not complaining! She was taught by the dance's original choreographer herself, Georcelle Dapat-Sy.In a

Would You Buy This Dior Keychain for P46,000?

It's even got a snap closure, so your keys aren't going anywhere.
Although 2020 trend forecasts have mentioned that the tiny bag trend is most likely to fade out soon, it seems that some brands just can't help but hang on to it for a little while longer. A bevy of your favorite designer

This Military-Inspired Collection Won at TernoCon 2020

Mentors Ivarluski Aseron, Lesley Mobo, and TernoCon 2018 Winner Marlon Tuazon, also presented spectacular collections.
It’s only been the second installation of TernoCon, a project led by Bench and the Cultural Center of the Philippines, and we’ve already witnessed a plethora of beautiful ternos that prove that the piece’s design and craftsmanship have much more potential than

5 Makeup Looks You Should Totally Try This 2020

Experiment with bolder looks, why don't you?
If one of your New Year's resolutions was to experiment more with makeup, we've got you! We know it can be intimidating to try intricate eyeshadow looks, bold lipsticks, or bright blushes, so we collected the coolest yet easy looks you can cop.

These Celebs Paying Tribute to Kobe Bryant at the Grammys Will Touch Your Heart

Lakers fans also flocked to the Staples Center where the Grammy Awards is currently being held.
Earlier today, the world mourned the loss of basketball legend Kobe Bryant, who died in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California. His daughter, 13-year-old Gianna Maria, was also among the nine people who have died in the crash. According to CNN, the

10 Stylish Prom Dress Ideas to Consider for Your Big Night

Ready to serve some prom queen-worthy looks?
Ah, high school. It’s easily the best four years of your adolescent life and a make-or-break season before you enter higher education. But, between juggling classes and figuring out who you are, another pressing thing that high schoolers have to worry about

6 Fresh Ways to Wear Your Black Blazer to the Office

Spruce up your work looks with these ideas.
Ah, black blazers—they never fail to make you look sharp and professional in a snap. If your corporate job requires you to wear it day after day, though, the classic blazer might dull your style instead of elevating it. To switch things up, rely

Victoria's Secret Begins Its Rebranding by Trying to Be More Inclusive

But is it enough to save the brand?
The cancellation of the 2019 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show marked an end of an era for the popular lingerie brand. When the announcement was made November last year, chief financial officer Stuart B. Burgdoerfer told press that the brand would be reevaluating its marketing

5 Nude Shoes That Every Career Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe

It's time to invest in a versatile shoe collection.
Getting ready is just so much easier when you have an assortment of basics in your wardrobe—and nude shoes are undeniably wardrobe basics that every girl should have. Here, we list down the five essential kinds of nude shoes that you'll be reaching for time and time

12 Chic Ways to Style an Oversized Shirt

Redefine the T-shirt and jeans combo with these cool tricks.
With the streetwear trend as ubiquitous as ever, oversized shirts have become wardrobe staples for every kind of fashion girl. But, styling an oversized shirt isn't as easy as throwing on a puff-sleeved blouse. Given its basic shape and often simple fabric,

Can You Guess How Much These Tiny Louis Vuitton Bags Cost?

In case your monogram-meets-micro bag craze has totally peaked.
You can't count on these to carry any more than loose spare change, but you can surely depend on 'em to score awestruck stares that read "what on earth can she carry in that tiny thing?!" Let's play a little game. Can

"Next in Fashion" Is the Design Competition Series We Never Knew We Needed

Netflix's soon-to-be-released competition series is not the new "Project Runway." In fact, it might even be better.
Fashion design competitions aren’t anything new. In fact, it’s safe to say that since the dawn of the likes of Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model, design competitions have followed a certain template, only varied by the nature of challenges that

These Chic Tweed Jackets Will Upgrade Your Basic Office OOTDs

Shop these picks right now!
Pin the blame on the late Karl Lagerfeld's final few Chanel collections why we're positively obsessed with prim little tweed suits, pearl strands, and precious gilt buttons. TBH, they make the recipe for a look that'll never really age badly—just change the shoulder silhouettes,

6 Cool Beach Resorts for Your Next Pagudpud Trip

Dreaming of a beach getaway?
May we recommend Pagudpud for your next vacation? A flight and a drive away from Metro Manila, Pagudpud is one of those places that take you far enough from the stress of city life and right into the middle of paradise. Here

These Luxury Sunglasses Are Perfect for All Your OOTDs

Get to know each ultra-luxe style from Omega’s new luxury eyewear collection!!
Introducing Omega’s new luxury eyewear collection! The iconic Swiss watchmaker is proud to release an exciting range of styles for both men and women. Produced in partnership with Marcolin Eyewear in Italy, the brand’s fresh line of sunglasses take their inspiration from Omega’s

Would You Buy This Elephant Phone Case for P26,000?

It will protect your precious iPhone from scratches and boring style.
If you're just as obsessed with Loewe's adorable Elephant sling as we are, then you're in for a treat. This Lunar New Year 2020, this gentle giant house icon is ready to protect your precious iPhone from bad luck and boring style!