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This Eyebrow Tint Gave Me Fuller-Looking Brows for 3 Days Straight

What a time-saver!
This Eyebrow Tint Gave Me Fuller-Looking Brows for 3 Days Straight
IMAGE Nicole Arcano, K-Palette
What a time-saver!

I'm unfortunately not one of those people who can just brush their brows up with a spoolie and then walk out the door. I mean I could do that, but it wouldn't provide the definition that my sparse brows need. This is why my makeup routine always has a brow pencil or a pen somewhere in the mix. The only issue with this (and I know many of you can relate) is that drawing on eyebrows from scratch eats up a lot of time I could probably spend doing something else. And because I'm not too keen on getting my arches microbladed yet, the concept of temporary brow tints seem to be a worthy alternative.

What: K-Palette Lasting Eyebrow Tint Pen

What It Is:

K-Palette's Lasting Eyebrow Tint Pen is meant to help you live out your dream of having filled-in brows the moment you wake up. It combines the brand's cult-favorite brow pen with peel-off brow tint to create a customizable eyebrow tint that can stay on for up to three days. All you need to do is fill in your bare arches once as you normally would (no peeling needed) and the tint will do the rest.



PHOTO BY K-Palette


K-PALETTE Lasting Eyebrow Tint Pen, P845, Beauty Box



A chart showing the effect of the different available shades over a period of three days.
PHOTO BY K-Palette
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Current Condition:

As I mentioned above, I have very fine brow hairs and they're quite sparse. I use both a brow pencil and an eyebrow pen to fill them in everyday before setting everything with a brow gel that also helps add texture.

How I Used It:

The product recommends using the product on dry, skincare- and makeup-free skin to make it last longer, so I made sure not to apply anything over my brow area before using the tint.

Right off the bat, I noticed that the tint pen's brush was thicker and stiffer than the Eyebrow Liner's, which meant I couldn't draw thin, hairlike strokes as I did when I tried the latter. However, it did deposit a very sheer, natural-looking pigment that reminded me of the original brow pen. So it didn't accidentally give me thick or overdefined Sharpie brows by accident. The pigmentation was actually just enough for me to build color on my brows as quickly as I would with a pencil or an eyebrow pen. The result was fairly natural, too—something we all appreciate. While I'd usually set the look with a waterproof eyebrow gel, I skipped brushing my brows with it this time since I didn't want to have to use makeup remover in that area of my face to make sure the tint would last.


I used my usual cleansing balm to remove my makeup on the first day, but I made sure to skip the brow area to avoid fading the tint completely. I did quickly run my face wash over the area, but when I checked my brows after cleansing, I found that while the color faded quite a bit but it was definitely still there.

Since the tint managed to stay on, filling in my brows on the second and third day was a much quicker process than my usual routine. I only had to define the tail with a brow pencil and didn't need more than that! If you prefer a more dramatic brow, however, you might find the tint too light.


The state of my brows after two days of using the K-Palette Lasting Eyebrow Tint Pen
PHOTO BY Nicole Arcano



K-Palette's Lasting Eyebrow Tint Pen is a unique and fairly natural-looking way to tint your brows. Compared to others I've tried, it gives you more control over the look you want to achieve thanks to the pen applicator. The tint stayed on my skin for three days like the product claimed, and I love how it didn't change into an unflattering color, and faded gracefully instead. If I ever decide to go a few days without wearing makeup, I'd definitely use it to give my features some definition. Overall, it's an innovative product that simplified my eyebrow routine, and I can imagine it's usefulness doing the same for others.

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