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10 Viral Makeup Techniques from TikTok That Actually Work

10 Viral Makeup Techniques from TikTok That Actually Work
Upgrade your beauty looks with these makeup techniques!

Throughout the year, Tiktok provided us with all kinds of beauty content. From skincare tips to various makeup trends such as e-girl, angelic, and “I’m cold” looks, the app has proven to be one of the best places to glean new ideas. Don't get us wrong though, you still have to comb through several shorts to find gold as some clips can be hit-or-miss. 

So before 2022 comes to a close, we wanted to share some of our favorite Tiktok makeup techniques. Not only do these actually work, you can easily incorporate them into your existing routine, too! 

LOOK: 10 Viral Makeup Techniques from Tiktok That Actually Work

1. How to get flawless, long-lasting foundation

2. Reverse contouring technique for a snatched nose

3. How to map out your perfect brow shape

4. Easy classic smokey eyeshadow hack 

5. How to master the winged eyeliner

6. Eyeliner application tip for hooded eyes

7. Mascara technique for extra volumized lashes


8. Selena Gomez’s mascara hack for stunning lower lashes

9. How to change your face shape using nothing but blush

10. Lipstick technique for the perfect plump pout, a.k.a the 'cherub lip'

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