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10 Genius TikTok Makeup Hacks You Never Knew You Needed

Plus tips on how to make them work BETTER.
Spending too much time on TikTok? Don't worry, we are, too. Amidst the bottomless pit of side-splitting duets and dances though, we still find a ton of makeup hacks that has us questioning our entire approach. Scroll through for some of our favorite

This Is the Mascara Hack We Swear By for Naturally Longer Lashes

Look effortlessly wide awake.
What makes a perfect everyday mascara varies from person to person. But on a no-makeup kind of day, some of you might want a product that lengthens your lashes without looking like you have anything on them—a no-mascara mascara, if you will.

7 Practical Ways to Commute-Proof Your Makeup

Tried and tested.
As if wading through traffic wasn't difficult enough, our country's weather is always bent on melting off your makeup. Thankfully, every beauty-loving commuter isn't entirely hopeless, because there are a ton of tricks you can use to protect your done-up face. Below

How to Make Sure Your Highlighter Shows Up in Photos

So you can get your glow on.
In the realm of strobing, that killer cheekbone shimmer is key. It gives your face that razor sharp definition, plus elevates your skin from subtle shimmer to sparkling shine. For today's makeup tip, let LA-based makeup artist Patrick Ta school you on

How to Remove Waterproof Mascara Without Rubbing Your Eyes

It's a trick we learned from the pros.
Waterproof mascara always saves the day when we need long-lasting volume and curl. The best ones don't run when you cry, nor do they smudge when you accidentally touch your eye. They're perfect—well, almost. Removing this lash hero could be a challenge

This Is How You Can Properly Reuse Your False Eyelashes

Because your favorite pair can last up to 15 wears!
Personally, I've never been a fan of reusing falsies. It might be the neat freak in me, but I'd rather save my favorite pair for a special occasion than risk an eye infection. Well, that was until Huda Kattan, the brains behind the

How to Cop Lauren Reid's Signature Sultry Look

Pro tips from her makeup artist Mac Igarta!
Lauren Reid is a no makeup believer. The 23-year-old Aussie isn't really a fan of makeup and would rather leave her skin bare to breathe. Not that she actually needs to cover or correct her blemish-free face, but as long as makeup