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How to Wear a Scarf in a Tropical Country

You'll be surprised at the many ways!
How to Wear a Scarf in a Tropical Country
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You'll be surprised at the many ways!

As Filipinos, we rarely incorporate scarves in our daily wardrobe. Probably because we only have two seasons: wet and dry. Our scarf game is strong when we go abroad and stun in our city outfits, but these celebrities and bloggers can show you how to wear your scarves anytime in this heat. Scarves can be worn in several different ways without making you feel too warm in our tropical climate. They can substitute for almost all your accessories and you may not even realize it! Scroll down to see how! 

Wear it as a top

When it comes to summer clothing and intricate details, Melissa Gatchalian’s Instagram page is the place to be! Steal her look by folding a large scarf into a triangular shawl and tie it by its ends. Some shops sell premade tops like this, but if you already have a scarf then use it to your advantage! A tied scarf could certainly replace your cropped tops for the summer. Just ensure you double knot or things could get a little too breezy! 


Tie one around your head

Pia Wurtzbach never fails to look stunning. As she says in her post, she is “channeling [her inner] Jasmine” and it’s enchanting! Whether she’s got a crown on her head, or a headscarf, Pia will always look like a queen. 

A headscarf is the best way to cover up a bad hair day, and for all the curly haired girls out there, this may help tame unruly curls that won’t cooperate. Match the tone of your scarf with your outfit to look unified. Take inspo from this photo and put on your largest hoop earrings that would absolutely add more character to your look. 

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Tie it around your ponytail

Camille Co’s Spring/Summer pin-up look has a hint of Rihanna’s Wild Thoughts vibrancy that we should all replicate. Her large hoops go well with her scarf’s colorful prints and her very peachy makeup look.

Keep your hair out of your face in a more fashionable way! Tying a scarf around your ponytail makes it look as if you put a lot of effort into getting ready, but in reality, it only takes two knots and you’re ready to go!


Define your waistline

Heart Evangelista shows us how to transform a casual look into something more. Heart cinched in her waist by tying her scarf around for some extra body definition. Purchase scarves with neutral colors so they can match an infinite amount of outfits.

Replace your belts this summer with a versatile scarf. Thanks to Heart, curvy girls everywhere now know how to wear box-shaped dresses in their own way. Show off those curves! 


Wear it as a headband

Last time there was a headband craze, it was due to Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. The headband trend started by the so-called “Queen B” has been long gone and resurrected as a scarf! Take some inspiration from the ‘It Girl’ who’ll never be irrelevant, Solenn Heussaff


Island girls usually pertain to a minimalist aesthetic and lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean they can’t accessorize when they want to! Mimic Solenn’s undone hairdo for your beach photos or summer events. The bohemian queen wrapped a beautifully patterned warm scarf to compliment her radiant tan skin

Replace your bag chain with a scarf

Don’t want to wear it? Keep it attached to your bag instead! Our bags need to be accessorized just as much as we do, so give them a simple makeover by adding your favorite scarf onto it. Keeping your scarf tied to your bag is an alternative way to keep your scarf somewhere else when you no longer want to wear it around your neck. 


Wear it around your neck like a Hepburn

Tricia Gosingtian emanates Audrey Hepburn from Roman Holiday by tying her scarf around her collar. Keep your hair neat and slicked back just like Audrey’s short hairdo. Keep your apparel’s color palette light and neutral. Switch out Tricia’s boots for a pair of ballet flats or sandals and you’re good to go out in the summer heat.    


Keep a scarf with you at all times

You know how cold you’ll be during those cool summer nights at the beach, so it’s best to always have a scarf on you. A decent summer dress is mandatory for those fancy dinner gatherings with the family, but there's nothing like a beautiful patterned scarf can make you look sophisticated and warm. It’s better than being that girl hunting for someone’s hoodie or borrowing your mom’s cardigan. Bring your own cover up to bring justice to your cute summer midi dress. 


Chokers are out, silk scarves are in

As much as we all love the '90s trend, chokers are no longer in style. 2019 has been the year of combining different types of fashion, particularly urban streetstyle with classy opulence.

Get Heart Evangelista’s look by tying a loose silk scarf around your neck like a choker. It’s the new and improved version of a trendy vintage accessory. It’s the perfect coverup for low, loose tops that show a little more than you prefer and it adds more of a dynamic to your overall appearance! 


Get creative 

Bretman Rock’s confidence is through the roof and he certainly isn’t afraid of what other people may think, so why should you? Bretman sports a skimpy Louis Vuitton scarf wrapped in a way wherein it could potentially be a dress. The video shows the revealing backside of Bretman, which goes to show why cycling shorts or a black skirt would be good to wear underneath to ensure nothing pops out. His dress scarf also doubles up as a beach coverup! Tie it around to make a skirt or turn it into a wrap dress just like Bretman.  


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