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10 of the Best Hoop Earrings to Buy Right Now

From retro to edgy.
They say hoop earrings are back, but honestly, have they ever left? Dating back to ancient Mesopotamia, this style has been popular for nearly 3,200 years. They’re such a versatile piece that depending on how you style it, you can go from

Would You Buy These Sunglasses That Double as Hoop Earrings?

We love a multitasker, no doubt about it: satin slips that double as sultry going-out dresses, all-purpose silk scarves, 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner combos. But, the question stands: would you wear this glasses-and-hoop-earrings hybrid from online retailer ASOS?IMAGE ASOS.comInteresting. Here's what they

18 Pairs of Hoop Earrings and Where You Can Shop Them

They're 100% back!
Trends come and go—it's just the circle of life. If our Lion King reference is any hint at all, know that hoop earrings are totally back to give you a swingin' good time! What goes around comes around, right? Below, 18 of