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All of Maymay Entrata's Fabulous Looks in the "Amakabogera" Music Video

We even got to chat with the designers behind her outfits!
All of Maymay Entrata's Fabulous Looks in the "Amakabogera" Music Video
IMAGE Instagram/jungcandelario, zarate.1985
We even got to chat with the designers behind her outfits!

If you need a pick-me-up after a stressful week, worry no more. Actress and singer Maymay Entrata's newest song, Amakabogera, might just give you the instant confidence boost that you need. 

As of writing, the music video has already garnered over 4.5 million views on YouTube and more than 250,000 videos on Tiktok after just a month. It's a pretty sassy track: In addition to the catchy tune and beat, the music video features the boldest, most fabulous outfits. Maymay was styled by TEAM RAIN X EM, a styling group headed by Rain Dagala and Em Millan.

Preview reached out to some of the designers behind the outfits, and found out some interesting facts about each look. Read on! 

Maymay Entrata's Glamorous Outfits in the "Amakabogera" Music Video: 

1. Look #1: All-Black with a Touch of Gold

Maymay’s first couture outfit is this head-to-toe black ensemble with gold accessories and statement eyeshadow.

This stunning look was actually made by two designers: Ushisato for the little black dress and Job Dacon for the robe. According to Job, the robe was inspired by the character Morticia Addams from the 1960s TV series The Addams Family. The designer merged the dark baroque aesthetic with Gen Z vibes, giving birth to this "independent, dark, and elegant [look]." When asked to describe the whole aesthetic of this look, Dacon says, "It's about strength in femininity.” 

maymay entrata's looks in the amakabogera music video
PHOTO BY Instagram/ushisato
Job Dacon's creation was inspired by the character Morticia Addams.
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Look #2: Festive Black and White Ensemble 

She then fired up the video in a dazzling top and a feathery black skirt, which were paired with a dazzling headpiece and a white jacket. It was the perfect outfit to don for the dance break! 

Three designers produced this ensemble—Marc Rancy for the feathered skirt and white jacket, Russel Cordero for the intricate headpiece, and Jun-G Candelario for the eye-catching top.

maymay entrata's looks in the amakabogera music video
PHOTO BY Instagram/jungcandelario

In an interview with Preview, Jun-G shares that this top was inspired by chandeliers. They wanted to make a top that "shines every time the lights strike it.” For the designer, the top also represented Maymay herself: “Like a chandelier, you need to look up [at] Maymay, for she is always on top of her performances, shining.”

3. Glamorous Red Gown 

Lastly, there's no forgetting forget the regal red ensemble that appears towards the end of the music video. Just like a butterfly ready to spread her wings, Maymay completes the music video's story arc in a gown by Aram Loe. Upon closer inspection, you'll see that the gown is actually a massive cape that drapes around a mini dress, which Maymay wore with tights and matching boots.

maymay entrata's looks in the amakabogera music video

PHOTO BY Instagram/zarate.1985

Did you know that this whole 'fit was upcycled? Aram, the designer, shared they believe in extending the life of clothing pieces: “The lining was from a ball skirt, the ruffled satins were from a vintage dress, and a very well used petticoat supports a detachable train.” Red was also the perfect color to embody the essence of Amakabogera. “In theory, red is the first color the eye sees. It takes you in without justification… Being a kabogera isn’t about being loud, it is a form of self-love, of being unapologetic, and [of] living life head-on. Ignore the haters, ignore the standards, recognize you, raise your head, and strut!”

We couldn't agree more! In case you haven’t watched it yet, this is your sign to check out Maymay's music video. Watch the full Amakabogera music video below:

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