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6 Local Brands Where You Can Shop for Your Independence Day OOTD

Embrace being proudly Pinoy in your most patriotic yet stylish outfit!
Independence day is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate Filipino pride than with stylish yet patriotic dressing, right? If you’re tired of your traditional Filipinianas and you’re more than ready to let go of that one baro’t saya

Here's Our Local Designers' Own Take on Met Gala's 2019 "Camp" Theme

Check out their exquisite and eccentric sketches below!
The best and brightest stars lucky enough to make it to this year’s prestigious Met Gala guest list have flocked to the Metropolitan Museums of the Arts for the annual fundraising event. While there’s no denying that the red carpet alone is always

15 Local Fashion Designers Who Studied at SoFA

Take a look at this talented bunch.
The brainchild of Loralee Baron-Soong and Amina Aranaz-Alunan, School of Fashion and the Arts (SoFA) Design Institute of the Philippines is the first ever college specializing in design. Since its establishment in 2007, the school has produced some of the most talented local fashion

All the Stylish Guests at Randy Ortiz's 30th Anniversary Runway Show

It was a star-studded evening.
There's no doubt that Randy Ortiz has more than merely survived fashion's ever-changing tides. In fact, he's continuously stayed on top with timeless designs, his penchant for intricate detail, and a sharp knack for creatively manipulating fabrics—signatures that have kept him at the

This Local Designer's Collection Is a Modern Tribute to Mindanao

Stylish and wearable patriotism, according to Aztec Barba.
Often, when patriotism is the subject of art, it comes in the form of vibrant and vivacious colors to represent the life and culture that inspired it. However, designer Aztec Barba makes a case for the contrary: He proves that one can

This Local Designer Is Making a Case for Wearing White and Sheer

Take cues from Emi-Alexander Englis' latest collection named Sol.
Following his collection The Circle Is Not Round from last season, Emi-Alexander Englis is now looking on the bright side (literally) with Sol. Dominated by a palette of white, cream, and gray, his designs are inspired by the blinding glare of the sun.He expressed this

Rob Ortega Dares You to Wear Neon This Season

View the entire collection here.
Color and the wild west have been big inspirations the past seasons and we're glad to see these trends on our local runway. Rob Ortega spins the cowboy look into something sultry and modern for his Vaqueros collection. He does so in

This Collection Is a Wearable Ode to Darkness

Check out Kelvin Morales' peculiar collection.
An advocate of the dark and peculiar, Kelvin Morales' Dance in the Dark collection oozes with fascinating avant-garde pieces. His art-inspired aberrant designs of PVC and silk were born from the feelings of both fear and fascination brought about by the unknown

This Collection Has Party Outfits You'll Want to Wear All Night Long

View the entire collection here.
Jaz Cerezo's latest collection of luxe party outfits is the perfect mix of chic and comfortable. Her Afterhours collection is a play on fabrics—turning satin, sheer, and jacquard prints into flowy silhouettes that scream ease and comfort.She even turns power suits into party-ready

These Dreamy Gowns Will Remind You of a Modern Fairytale

Wear one and write you own.
The pieces in Steph Tan's At the Stroke of Midnight look like they came straight out of a modern fairytale. You wouldn't really expect that she pulled inspiration from something so haunting—the rainforest at midnight. And yet, she produced garments so sophisticated yet

This Collection Has the '70s-Inspired Party Clothes You Need in 2018

Chris Nick revives the Studio 54 era.
Local designer Chris Nick's Rapture takes us back to the golden days of Studio 54, the iconic and now-defunct '70s nightclub. "I've always been so amazed and captivated by everything about it—the glamour and debauchery that happened within its walls," he tells Preview.

Michael Leyva's Latest Collection Is All About Sleek Glamour

Check out all the pieces right here.
There was no shortage of sequins and ruffles over at Michael Leyva's Style Fest PH 2018 runway show. Despite the unabashed embellishment, it also manages to be sleek and streamlined. We're thinking it's Michael's favor for silhouette-skimming cuts and draping, made to

Martin Bautista Dares You to Not Wear Black on Your Next Evening Out

His latest collection is proof you don't need to!
We're taking the challenge. Martin Bautista's collection at Style Fest PH 2018 was so lavishly elegant that it won't be a problem—again, how about not wearing black out on your next formal occasion? The designer sent splendid silks and satins in a