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This Local Designer's Gorgeous Bridal Robes Are Perfect for Your Wedding

Happy Andrada stresses the importance of looking your best before your walk down the aisle.
When it comes to preparing for the big day, the bride must not only take time to decide on her wedding gown—her bridal robe is also a must! Local designer Happy Andrada highlights the amount of time spent preparing before that solemn

Here's Our Local Designers' Own Take on Met Gala's 2019 "Camp" Theme

Check out their exquisite and eccentric sketches below!
The best and brightest stars lucky enough to make it to this year’s prestigious Met Gala guest list have flocked to the Metropolitan Museums of the Arts for the annual fundraising event. While there’s no denying that the red carpet alone is always

This Collection Strikes the Perfect Balance Between Work and Play

Prints, patterns, and everything nice!
Benjie Panizales takes tiny specks and trivial details and turns them into a unifiied print for a slew of garments tailored for strong and empowered ladies. This summer collection features cool patterns and bold prints that translate to "relaxed but polished soft

Everything You Need to Know About Francis Libiran Wedding Gowns

Planning your wedding? Here’s what you need to know about having your wedding dress designed by Francis Libiran.
Beautiful, intricate, timeless, feminine—these are the elements that make gowns by Francis Libiran so beloved by fans all over the country and even worldwide. Known as a designer to the stars, Francis’ creations have long been worn by celebrities here and abroad that

These Are Fashion Designer Michael Cinco's Most Favorite Gowns

One of his fondest projects for a celebrity client took 3000 hours to complete.
It takes a second to spot a regal dress and instantly recognize that it is a Michael Cinco wedding gown. Though the designer has developed a signature style that's easy to spot, his creations have one thing in common: They all astonish.

This Davao-Based Designer Makes Clothes Fit for Royalty

Bamba Limon looks to home for his latest collection.
One thing we learned from this season's presentations is that one doesn't need to look too far for inspiration. The best ideas are drawn from home, from our own shores, and from our own rich and colorful culture.Take Bamba Limon, who looked to

This Collection Is Inspired by Love, Flora, and All Things Romantic

See Marichu Tan's full collection here.
Over the years, Marichu Tan has established her style cred with her ultra feminine creations. She favors lace, embroidery, crystals, and beads that complement her modern and romantic pieces. And for this season, Marichu took inspiration from impressionist paintings, hence the intricate

You Have to See These Dresses Inspired by Water's Rippling Movement

Mike Yapching is making waves, literally.
If there’s anything Mike Yapching isn’t afraid of, it’s mixing unexpected elements together to create a one-of-a-kind piece—and this is exactly the type of cohesive madness that makes his dresses a work of art.For this season, Mike took inspiration from water—more specifically,

This Local Designer Is Making Us Want to Wear Stripes This Summer

See his full collection here.
Call it showman chic! Lines and abstract art defined Edgar Buyan's Spring/Summer 2019 collection at the recently concluded Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival. The runway saw an abundance of red, white, and blue stripes printed on an eclectic mix of blouses, buttondowns, ruffled frocks,

You'll Love the Statement Pieces from This Dark and Dreamy Collection

Browsing through his full collection is like reading a dark fairytale.
Unlike every bright and bubbly summer collection presented at Panasonic Manila Fashion Fest 2019, Protacio went with the road less traveled and opted for a much darker line that serves as a striking contrast to the season.“The whole story is about the

This Bold and Bright Collection Is Perfect for Your Chic Summer Parties

For a vibrant summer closet!
Let Dexter Alazas' Spring/Summer 2019 collection spice up your wardrobe this season. In his recent collection for this season's Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival, the local designer went for the bold and bright route—think predominantly orange and purple hues rendered in embroidered sheer

Sari Lazaro Has the Daintiest Pieces You'll Want to Wear All Summer

Here's where you can get her pieces!
Straight from Paris, local designer Sari Lazaro brings home her Spring 2019 collection. Sari's capsule collection will be available only at Lanai Manila starting from April 4-7 and soon on her website.For her collection called Sunrise x Sunset, Sari drew inspiration from

Meet the Local Designer Behind Catriona Gray's Iconic Gowns

Mak Tumang reveals all the details about the making of Catriona's Miss Universe gowns.
Catriona Gray's win as Miss Universe 2018 felt as if it was written in the stars. Her mother's dream, for one, seemed like a prophecy in the making. That, coupled with her hard work and with the help of her dream team,

Meet the Local Designer Who Brought Ifugao Weaves to Paris Fashion Week

He did a runway show inside the Eiffel Tower, no less!
Did you know that a Filipino fashion designer recently showed in Paris Fashion Week?Victor Baguilat Jr., founder of sustainable enterprise Kandama Collective, debuted his Fiesta Filipiniana collection to a global audience at a runway show for International Indigenous Fashion Week. It was

Rajo Laurel's New Collections Will Make Your Summer Fun and Breezy

It's impossible to choose a favorite!
Rajo Laurel recently launched his Spring 2019 collection entitled 1990. His new offerings for his fashion lines, Rajo! and House of Laurel, are united under the same theme, which the local designer has translated into easy pieces reminiscent of '90s minimalist silhouettes.But as Rajo rides

Here's Your First Look at Sam Richelle's Newly Rebranded Fashion Line

Sam Richelle is back with a stylish new collection.
It's been two years since Samantha Richelle entered the local fashion. We recall loving her androgynous pieces that could easily find a home in every fashion girl's closet. But after her Fall 2017 launch, Sam admits she's sort of plateaued. In an interview with Preview,