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5 Designer Bags Laureen Uy Does Not Regret Splurging On

These are totally worth it!
5 Designer Bags Laureen Uy Does Not Regret Splurging On
These are totally worth it!

A true-blue fashion girl, Laureen Uy is always toting around the cutest bags. She knows how to choose the perfect one for every occasion, too. And with so many options available at her disposal, we just can't help but wonder which ones are her top faves.

Luckily, Laureen has answered that herself via her latest video on her YouTube channel, even pointing out which among her luxury bag puchases make for a worthy investment. Check out Laureen's top picks below:


1. Chanel Flap Blag

First up on her list is the classic Chanel flap bag! Laureen opted for one in white for a more striking fashion statement. According to the blogger, it's a good investment bag that you could even pass on to your kids in the future. 

2. Balenciaga Everyday Camera Bag

Next up is the Balenciaga Everyday Camera bag. While it's not exactly considered a classic, it's definitely right up her alley when it comes to her personal style because she tends to favor streetwear. She also always brings it with her whenever she travels because it's so spacious and convenient! 

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3. Celine Trio

For her third pick, Laureen brought out her Celine Trio bag. It features several compartments, which is why she uses it all the time. She got it in a bright shade of red to serve as her pop of color for her neutral-toned outfits. According to Laureen, even her friends Camille Co and Kryz Uy have the same bag, so you know it's blogger-approved! 


4. Louis Vuitton Twist

Laureen bought this bag in Singapore after falling in love at first sight—it was the first time she bought a designer bag that was not on sale, she said. She wears it with a lot of her outfits, and it sure doesn't hurt that the vibrant blue iteration makes it a standout piece.


5. Goyard Orange Tote

Laureen got herself this vivid orange Goyard tote in a large size that comes with the pouch. She claims to use it for everything: as a beach bag, an airport tote, or just an everyday go-to bag. 

Watch the full video below:

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