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Here's Why Our Top Local Bloggers Would Rather Not Be Called Influencers

Tricia, Camille, Laureen, and David—they’ve become one-name style celebrities—talk about five lessons they’ve learned on the job.
It was only six short years ago when Preview Magazine decided to change the covergirl dynamic for its September issue. In lieu of the usual suspects (ingenue, mythic actress, fashion model, global Pinay or it girl), the brand recognized the blogger trifecta

LOTD: This Is the Pink Retro Sneaker Cool Girls Are Wearing on Instagram

And here's how you can wear them!
We've finally found the grown-up, more stylish version of your P.E. shoes: Introducing, the Fila Disruptor 2!Of course, these babies aren't exactly new to the sneaker world. Its predecessor, the first Disruptor, was launched in 1998, and it became iconic for its sawtoothed-sole.

Here's How Camille Co Dealt with a Racist Comment Online

An internet troll said her designer bags were all fake because she's Asian.
With hundreds of thousands of social media followers, local blogger Camille Co no doubt has a strong presence online. Still, she tries her best to maintain good rapport with her followers, which sometimes also means having to politely deal with internet bullies and

Barbie Feet Is the Instagram Pose You Need for Endless Legs

Let these influencers show you how it's done!
Christian Louboutin once said that comfort is not a priority when he makes heels. Instead, his sole focus is the design and the sexiness of the shoe. Can't say we blame him, though. There's something about heels that automatically corrects a woman's

These Are the Summer Pieces We're Taking into the Rainy Season

Here's how to style 'em for the downpour.
Summer is finally over—the past days' heavy rains are all you need to make it official. That said, what's a girl to do if her wardrobe's still stuck on the beach? Below, five of the sun season's most hardworking pieces and how

Camille Co's Hack to Making Your Abs Look Better in Photos

Get those beach pics ready!
With the long break looming over the horizon, we're gearing up for a steady influx of wanderlust-inducing vacation pics. Beach pictures, in particular, are one of the most popular varieties you see during the Holy Week, and we've got just the tip

These Bloggers Are Obsessed with the Pageboy Cap

Getting tired of the beret? Here's a chic alternative!
Let's just get this out of the way: we adore the beret just as much as you do. Still, we can't help but let our heads (literally) wander and wonder what other topper options are out there in the wilderness—case in point:

LOTD: Camille Co Looks Stunning in Her Sheer LBD

Here are tips on how you can wear this, too!
Little black dresses are a girl's ultimate weapon for any occasion. When styled right, it can be spruced up or dressed down. The challenge, however, lies in choosing the right style. And in case your favorite retail shops fail you, you can

27 Preview-Approved Tips on Dressing Up for Events

Nuggets of wisdom!
All hail the belles of the ball! We round up four of Manila's most stylish girls and get them to spill their tips and tricks for no-fail party dressing.AIVEE AGUILAR-TEOIMAGE Roy MacamPristine and polished to a T, famed dermatologist Aivee Aguilar-Teo proves