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Would You Buy These KFC Chicken-Scented Crocs for P3000?

Would You Buy These KFC Chicken-Scented Crocs for P3000?
It's deep fried fashion.

Do you ever love food so much that you actually dream of being with it 24/7? You may feel this way about bacon, pizza, matcha, and of course, milk tea. Many a food obsession has birthed some kind of merchandise at least once—like huge pizza pillows or milk tea phone cases, but we've never seen anything like this before. Introducing, the latest pair of food-inspired garb to hit the market: Kentucky Fried Chicken x Crocs sandals! 

Touted as "deep fried fashion" this juicy pair of Crocs features the brand's classic clog design with the entire sole wrapped in KFC's famous red-and-white stripes. Fans of Colonel Sanders will be thrilled. The shoe's upper is covered in a realistic-looking fried chicken print in all its golden glory. It's basically a bucket of KFC chicken in shoe form. 

It doesn't end there. Aside from the appetizing visuals that this shoe serves on a hot plate, it even comes with two fried chicken-scented Jibbitz charms that smell as fresh as the real thing. (No thigh part, though. Sorry.) 


All this is yours for $60, or around P3,031, but you'll have to wait until its official release this Spring 2020. 

KFC and Crocs tapped Korean rapper and "Instagram artist" MLMA to endorse the delicious design. Not one to stray away from campy couture, MLMA dipped her toes in this fried chicken fantasy through a recently released fashion film. In the video, she is seen drenched in red prints as she places something in the fryer and impatiently waits for it to emerge. Et voila! It was a freshly cooked pair of KFC Crocs.

MLMA's been devouring the shoe, as evidenced by this cool OOTD below:

watch now

Despite the unlikely collab between a fastfood chain and a retail giant, there's no denying that the concept could send an avid fan to food and fashion heaven. The question is, would you order a pair? 

Check out the official website to learn more about KFC x Crocs.

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