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Jessy Mendiola Wore a P25M Rare Pink Diamond Ring to the ABS-CBN Ball 2018

Jessy Mendiola Wore a P25M Rare Pink Diamond Ring to the ABS-CBN Ball 2018
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/iamantoniopapa
Here's what makes it extremely rare and expensive!

The stars pulled all the stops and dressed to the nines for ABS-CBN Ball 2018. Apart from their designer gowns and towering heels, the celebrities also wore the shiniest and most lavish jewelry to complete their red carpet-worthy looks. This year, what stood out in the sea of sparklers was Jessy Mendiola's rare pink diamond ring. It wasn't just any ring, mind you. She wore a P25-million rare vivid pink oval-shaped diamond ring set on an 18K whitegold ring.

Jessy herself noted on Instagram how jeweler Happy Marnique of Radiant Lux Jewelry had to "[move] mountains just to get this pink diamond ring" for her! Happy adds that she simply had to grant Jessy's wish to wear a pink diamond ring. "Jessy wanted to show the change that's happened to her life and she wore something pink and sparkly because that's how she sees her life now," she explains.

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So what exactly makes a pink diamond extremely rare and expensive? For one, a pink diamond cannot be found in most diamond mines in the world. Majority of pink diamonds on the market originate from the Argyle Mine in Australia, and because there's a very limited supply, a pink diamond's value can be worth as much as 20 times the price of a white diamond.

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Pink diamonds are found deep, deep into the earth with a depth of over 160 kilometres below the earth’s surface, which only skilled miners can reach and access. It takes billions of years for these rare gems to take form, under special geological conditions, pressure, and temperature.

What makes it pink still remains to be a mystery to geologists even today. It is known that yellow and orange diamonds get their color from the existence of nitrogen molecules, which absorb blue light; blue diamonds are formed because of the boron molecules; and green diamonds get their color from radiation. However, the impurity causing diamonds to get that tinge of pink and red has yet to be discovered.


On the other hand, some experts do believe that pink diamonds get that delicate rosy hue from the high pressure surrounding them, causing deformities in the crystal. Under this condition, the light refracts, the green light is absorbed, and the pink hue is projected. So the more vividly pink it is, the rarer and pricier the diamond becomes.

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