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17 Easy Ways To Wear Oversized T-Shirts

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17 Easy Ways To Wear Oversized T-Shirts
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Plus shop our top picks!

At the mention of big tees, we often reduce them to bedtime attire. We don't blame you, though. They're comfy, breezy, and unrestricting, after all. But hear us out: It is because of these reasons you should consider wearing them out!

However, because of its loose silhouette, oversized T-shirts can be a tad tricky to style, thus they almost never leave your bedroom. But that changes now. There are a number of ways you can style this snuggly piece into a streetstyle worthy look. Who knows, the OOTD might even make it to your feed, right?

Have we piqued your interest yet? If so, the next step now is to show you how you can stylishly execute oversized dressing with your baggy tee. Here to help you are streetstyle stars and the cool girls of Instagram who will challenge your creativity. What's more, they're showing us 14 unique and cool ways to wear your extra large tee. But that's not even the best part yet! We assure you that you can cop their style notes with items that are already existing in your closets.


Ready? Scroll down to see how you can wear large shirts outside sleeping hours.

How to wear

1. Wear it as a dress.

Here's a no-brainer way of wearing your oversized tee. Simply treat the shirt like a dress and you're good to go. For a more casual vibe, slip on some chunky sneaks to complete the look.

2. Belt the shirt if it's too loose.

If the tee is too oversized for your petite frame, cinching your waist will help prevent the piece from overwhelming you. Doing so will also help you accentuate your shape. Try a thick buckled belt or a fanny pack that can both act as a bag and your outfit's statement piece.

3. Let it hang loose.

For the ultimate fuss-free look, just let your tee hang loose and go with its baggy silhouette. Style it with a structured bag if you need the outfit to look more polished.


4. Tuck it in.

If you're simply after the oversized tee's roomy sleeves, then simply tuck the shirt into your bottoms to keep your shape. You can also opt to wear baggy jeans for a high-volume ensemble.

5. Knot it.

Switch it up and take your tucked in shirt up a new level with by knotting your shirt on one side. To do so, simply tuck the loose shirt into your pants or skirt and keep one portion untucked. Knot this part and voila! You're all set.

6. Add a blazer.

Make the look work-appropriate by adding a blazer to your baggy tee. Keep in mind that you can even remain on the oversized, loose aesthetic by donning a large, boxy blazer with it.

7. Break up bold pieces.

Got neon pieces that give off too bright fluoro flashes? Or bold animal printed garments that are simply too fierce for a casual day out? Style your flashy pieces with your oversized tee to play down their acid hues or to tame graphic pieces. The large tee will be a welcome break for the eyes amidst striking details.


8. Wear over a slip.

Turn this boudoir piece into a streetstyle staple by layering over a boxy tee over your satin slip skirt or dress. Not only will the oversized shirt make the slip look more laidback, it will also give off a nice texture play against this luxe fabric often meant for affairs that call for dressier pieces.

9. Pair with bike shorts.

If you want to try out this new athleisure trend but isn't quite sure what to wear with it, then the answer lies in the ever reliable oversized T-shirt. You don't need to worry about baring your tummy or be conscious about, er, having a camel toe. The shirt will cover them up for you. Problem solved!

10. Tuck halfway.

Don't know how else to style the loose shirt? A half tuck will never let you down. This styling technique look great when you're wearing track pants, too!


11. Layer under a tulle dress.

Care for a sweeter take on an oversized black tee you've got lying around? Take this staple closet and give it a dainty and feminine vibe by layering over a cotton candy-colored sheer tulle dress. So cute, right?

12. Style with a mini skirt.

Of course, we will not forget mini skirts. They'll also look especially stylish with oversized shirts. You can opt to tuck the baggy shirt in or untuck it when wearing A-line skirts to maintain the flattering silhouette.

13. Roll up the sleeves.

Sometimes, the simplest tweaks make all the difference. Just take a look at this oversized shirt with rolled up sleeves. This technique gives the outfit a quick stylish nudge to keep it from looking too plain. Note that you can also add a sleeveless trench here if you want some light layering.

14. Layer under a fitted long sleeved top.

Speaking of layering, when you're traveling to a colder place, don't discount the merit of bringing an oversized shirt. This piece can give an interesting twist to your layers especially when worn over a fitted shirt. To chicly pull off this trick, you can employ this simple hack: choose your pieces in similar shades to make them look cohesive. For a more advance style technique, choose a metallic or glitter-speckled long sleeved top to provide more texture to the outfit.


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A plain white tee will never fail you. This versatile piece will grant you a blank canvas to style which means infinite number of unique looks to try!


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A graphic printed shirt is a need for a more relaxed look. Their prints can also affect the overall aesthetic of your outfit. Minimalist designs lend a more polished ensemle, perfect for the office.


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Vintage prints and logofied tees reference the retro years.


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Just like a white oversized tee, a black baggy shirt also allows for limitless styling permutations.


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Don't be afraid to explore hues, too. These will provide a nice pop of color to an otherwise dull outfit.