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10 Fun, Printed Swimsuits to Shop for Your Next Beach Trip

These are all so adorable!
Donning a swimsuit doesn't have to equal shedding your personal style. Fans of prints and playful patterns are in for a treat with these bikinis and maillots! If you're heading to the beach sometime soon, make sure to browse through these shopping

Here's Everything You Need to Know About the Cow-Print Trend

Moooove over, leopard print!
Okay, don't get me wrong. Animal prints are still very much on trend right now. Leopard, snake, and even zebra prints are still popular because there's a sense of timelessness into them. But, we have to admit that their spotlight is dwindling.Today,

5 Retro Prints That Are Cool Again

You'll want to wear these prints, stat!
Fashion has come full circle, rekindling our love for prints that were popularized decades ago. The '90s grunge is given a street wear treatment, the bold '80s is making us fall back in love with vivid colors, and the swanky silhouette of

Nicole Andersson Is Making a Case for Tiger Stripes

It's really not that difficult to style.
So you've always been daunted by animal print. Still, you may as well admit that there's a tiny little voice in your head coaxing you to maaaybe dip a toe into the trend...and you're this close to caving. In case our assumption's

10 Cool Celebrity-Approved Ways to Wear Snake Print

Slither in style.
The drawn-out "s" in ssssstyle currently stands for snakeskin. Whether your pick is cobra, anaconda, or viper, these 10 chic celeb OOTDs will have you slithering into the trend quicker than you can say "hiss!"1. Start simple a la Heart Evangelista! A

Jess Connelly Has a Cool Yet Casual Way to Wear Animal Print

Here's how to tame your wild side.
If you can't seem to shake animal print's vampy vibes out of y0ur hair, we certainly don't blame you. That #aesthetic's too glam, you might be thinking, it's way too sultry for my ultra-casual taste. Well, why not meet the trend halfway?

3 Celebrity-Approved Ways to Wear Leopard Print

Don't be intimidated by this bold feline print.
Leopard print is the microtrend we're slowly yet surely embracing this season. According to the runways of Tom Ford, Victoria Beckham, and even Calvin Klein, it's high time you take a break from all things plain and display some animal instincts. Now,

Animal Print Is This Summer's Rising Instagram Swimsuit Trend

Walk on the wild side.
In the jungle, the mighty're invited for a swim! Animal print is Instagram's up-and-coming swimsuit trend, so it's high time you start practicing your roar.We love the '80s beach babe vibe that cheeky, high-cut leopard spots lend. Talk about Baywatch, but

10 Animal Print Pieces to Help You Walk on the Wild Side

Hear 'em roar.
Swinging from the sartorial vine has never been this fun. Thing is, animal prints are never really going to go out of style—it all depends on the pieces you buy! Below, 10 of the most current reiterations for your shopping pleasure. Go

Zodiac Style: Leo

The king of the jungle is on our zodiac spotlight this month.
Admit it, you can’t help but check your horoscopes every once in a while (if not always). We get it, girls are always curious and knowing what the future holds allows us to prepare even in the tiniest bit possible— that’s just

30+ Lust-worthy Scarves

We serve you a gamut of the finest scarves in the city.
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, there are a ton of reasons why we should celebrate the recent showers. Fashion-wise, all those items at the bottom of our closets are now having their well-deserved air-time. This time around we’re

Tod's Fall/winter 2013: Animal Instinct

We present the standout (and roaring!) pieces from Tod's latest collection.
If Spring/Summer 2013 was all about happy hues, Tod's Fall/Winter 2013 offering goes into the wild with an edgy dose of animal-printed varieties. This time around, the redesigned Sella bag is now at the front and center of their collection, taking inspiration in

10 Covetable Animal Tees

Fall in love with the new breed of in-your-face animal prints.
When we say animal prints, we don’t mean the usual, leopard, zebra or tiger prints because the animal motif has been reimagined for a more youthful appeal—a totally different vibe from the skin print in brown, black, and white your mom would

The Best Of 2011

You voted for your favorites and here are the winners!
Every January, we like to look back on the highlights of the year that was—the names, trends, events, and campaigns that got us all buzzing. 2011 certainly wasn’t lacking in color and we’re so happy that many of you took time out

Blogger Challenge: Animal Print

Four fashion bloggers style their favorite ferocious prints!
Admit it, animal prints (in whatever color or type) amp up one's confidence level when it comes to the clothes they wear. Leopard, python, and even peacock prints always turn a drabby outfit into a fierce one.And since it's all about highlighting