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10 Fashion Moments We’d Rather Remember The Barrettos For

10 Fashion Moments We’d Rather Remember The Barrettos For
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There have been better days for these women.

They say that beauty is both a blessing and a curse, and no other family in the public perhaps knows this to be true more than the Barretto women who’ve graced the pages of Preview—online and off—since time immemorial.

Sisters Gretchen and Claudine and the younger generation of Barretto women, throughout their careers and controversial episodes, have created dazzling images and engaging stories with us, and we’d rather remember them for these than the media hype of the past days. Join us as we look back:

1. That time when Claudine was the crowned princess of Pinoy Showbiz—with an OG Preview Boy sweetheart, no less.

Pre-Y2K Claudine Barretto was a soap opera star (Google “Saan Ka Man Naroroon” for a dose of Claudine-as-triplets realness), a sought-after endorser, and the girlfriend of eternal cutie pie Rico Yan

In between Rico’s and Claudine’s respective Preview covers, they shot the 1998 film “Dahil Mahal Na Mahal Kita” where she played a bad girl so damn well.
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2. That time when Gretchen was inching her way back to the limelight, wearing no less than flown-in, in-season designer goods. 

La Greta in the mid-aughts was an elusive actress who had just given showbiz another try. She also finally agreed to appear on Preview, as a Louis Vuitton-clad September issue cover girl no less. 

“I love this business. Intrigues will never take me away from show business. I owe a lot to this business; it’s not just something I can turn my back away from. It has given me so much, it’s given me my life; it’s given me my name that nobody can take away. It may not be the best name but it has given so much confidence,” she declared in September 2006.
PHOTO BY Preview Archives

3. That time when Gretchen was part of the ‘00s’ most celebrated ensemble covers.

Gretchen was one-fourth of the collective that covered one of the magazine's most popular issues. Coincidentally, all four actresses, including Angel Aquino, Dawn Zulueta, and Ruffa Gutierrez, all headlined the campaign of a popular shampoo brand at the same time. 

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She ended her interview by saying, “Confidence in a woman is what makes her beautiful. If she can rise gracefully after every fall and emerge stronger, then she’s gone full circle.”
PHOTO BY Preview Archives

4. That time when Claudine returned to the pages of the magazine in April 2008, complete with a profile based from an interview of her Ate Gretchen.

Together with her Ate and fellow cover girls, Ruffa Gutierrez and contemporary Judy Ann Santos, Claudine was in fighting form, looking hotter than ever.

In an interview of Gretchen, she said of Claudine, “I think one moment that really defined [her]—who she really is and what she’s really about—is the time that Rico Yan (her former boyfriend) died. When Rico died, it changed her life.”
PHOTO BY Preview Archives

5. That time when Gretchen was starring in a fashion-themed teleserye AND topped our Best Dressed list on the same year.

To star in the teleserye Magkaribal and headline Preview’s best dressed issue in the same year was pure fashion overload.

Gretchen’s style rule is this: “You have the freedom to be what you want to be for the moment, to dress how you want, and to express how you feel.”
PHOTO BY Preview Archives

6. That time when Julia was all the hype, became Preview’s youngest cover girl, and led a local youthquake.

It was as if there was never a shortage of beautiful Barretto girls since the ‘80s—and Marjorie’s second-born Julia was that time’s reinforcement.

Emerging as a Star Magic talent in the midst of what was then the biggest Barretto family feud (Gretchen vs. everyone), 16-year-old Julia said, “We’ve already encountered so much as a family, so this is not really affecting me. It happened na [fights within the family] before. We’re used to it. The thought that it will be okay again, knowing that it will all be over [keeps me sane.]”
PHOTO BY Preview Archives

7. That time when the most elusive Barretto kid, Dominique Cojuangco, came out of the shadows and stepped into the fashion spotlight—twice.

Gretchen’s unica hija with Tonyboy Cojuangco is a breath of fresh air and refreshingly anticurrent. 

Dominique’s September 2014 profile goes, “A noontime show host? A primetime actress? The other half of a lucrative network love team? ‘I think right now I just want to pursue fashion. I like being behind the scenes,’ Dominique explains of her plans to intern at a fashion house. ‘I wanna start from the bottom. I want to make people coffee. I wanna see how every single stage works.’”
PHOTO BY Preview Archives
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8. That time when Claudia was poised to be one of showbiz’s next big things. 

Long before she embarked on a career in music, Claudia first graced Preview Magazine’s pages as a fresh-faced 14-year-old who seemed to have skipped what everyone else calls the “awkward phase.” 

“She’s living testimony to the conspiracy theory that perhaps Barretto women are hiding something: a beauty potion, a fountain of youth, or just some really good face cream.”
PHOTO BY Preview Archives

9. That time when Dani lived out a princess moment as a blushing bride.  

Fashion blogger and influencer Dani planned a wedding fit for a stylephile—one that’s all hers.

Marjorie walked her first-born down the aisle while her other daughters Julia, Claudia, and Erich played support.
PHOTO BY Yvette Fernandez

10. That time when Julia was one-half of this era’s most bankable love teams in showbiz.

Think of it as a return to innocence: 2018 was far more peaceful for Julia as the on-screen partner of Joshua Garcia—and it seemed like a love team built for the long haul.

Julia once said of JoshLia, “I have a good feeling about this. It’s been a great journey, and I don’t think there’s anybody I would rather go through this with.”
PHOTO BY Preview Archives

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