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Janine Gutierrez and MJ Benitez on the Friendship of Fashion

MJ and Janine's longtime friendship is their style secret.
“When I remember that sophomore night—grabe nakakahiya!” Janine Gutierrez says as she gets her makeup done, laughing as she recalls that unforgettable night involving bad outfit decisions. Beside her is stylist and former Preview Fashion Assistant MJ Benitez who’d rather drop this

Janine Gutierrez Looks Absolutely Dreamy in Pastel Hair

We're living for her pastel moment.
If Janine Gutierrez's 2028-inspired look at the Preview Best Dressed Ball is any indication, then the future of her hair isn't bright—or any hue that's remotely neon. Instead, she predicts it to be more of a dreamy pastel—pastel purple, to be exact.From her Preview

Here's What Our Best Dressed Wore to This Year's Preview Ball

Expect nothing less than killer looks.
This year's Best Dressed Ball bore the theme The Future of Fashion and to celebrate we asked our guests to come in trends from the future—2028, to be exact. Of course, our best dressed listers did not disappoint.Set against Instagram-worthy vignettes, our

Maine Mendoza Shows You How to Pose According to Your Outfit

She definitely knows how to flaunt it.
Maine Mendoza never runs out of ideas—even when it comes to high fashion poses. She did teach us some crazy funny model poses last year, if you remember. This time, Maine flexes her model muscles yet again for her third Preview cover

Preview Best Dressed Men 2017: Tim Yap

The eventologist talks about his love for bold prints and fun fashion.
Tim Yap is no stranger to the spotlight, and his wardrobe shows exactly that. Making statements in bold prints (I once saw him at an event sporting bright red, watermelon-printed coords) and tailored silhouettes is his usual style modus, and is exactly

Preview Best Dressed Men 2017: LA Aguinaldo

The model has the coolest style even off the runway.
His two letter Instagram handle is hard to miss—more so is his well curated feed of scenic travel photos, geotagged selfies, and of-the-moment off-duty OOTDs. LA Aguinaldo is living the model life online and IRL. From being Bench’s latest male muse to

Preview Best Dressed Men 2017: Nix Alañon

We love his eclectic sense of style.
With a keen sense of design and a meticulous eye for detail, it's no wonder design consultant Nix Alañon ended up on the Preview Best Dressed list. As the principal designer for FTA Design (his eponymous design studio), Nix's aesthetic has been fine-tuned to

Forever 21 Teams Up with Preview for an OOTD-Worthy Installation

All for the 'gram!
For last Monday's Best Dressed Ball, Preview enlisted Forever 21 to create an OOTD experience like no other. Inspired by Yayoi Kusama's infinity rooms, the mirrored setup included glowing cubes strewn around the room to create an interesting background for our guests'

How Preview Are You?

Heed these tips to be stylish all the time.
For this year's Preview's Best Dressed Ball, we asked our guests to come in their most Preview outfit. Given the slightly vague dress code, their only clue is the word Preview. And being the fashion and style authority in the country, that

Preview Best Dressed Men 2017: Z Teo

The doctor is in!
Maybe it’s the prospect of wearing something that might discredit his professionalism. Or perhaps it’s the clinic’s dress code he has to adhere to. Or possibly his medical field—cosmetic surgery—that behooves him to always look the part (and well-coiffed, right?). Whatever it

Preview Best Dressed Men 2017: Raymond Ang

The editor and publisher talks about his personal style.
It’s easy to jot down all the things we find distasteful about Manila—carmaggedon, pollution, crime, just to name a few. But not everyone chooses to see Manila this way. Enter the twenty-something editor and publisher behind Made of Bricks, his editorial imprint

Preview Best Dressed Men 2017: Jericho Rosales

Our best-dressed actor speaks about how he found fashion through himself.
Jericho Rosales is an actor. Filipinos know him for his films, his TV shows, and his countless endorsements. Difference is, he's one of those names that are inexplicably linked to the good ol' days of local telenovelas, tacked into our pop-culture-savvy brains

What The 2017 Best Dressed Girls Wore To The Preview Ball

They're on the list for a reason, you know!
It's that time of year we pick the cream of Manila's chicest crop! Take a peek at what Preview's 2017 Best Dressed ladies wore to the Preview Ball. Attention: party outfit inspo coming your way.IMAGE Ginggoy LothoBea MarinIMAGE Ginggoy LothoSarah LahbatiIMAGE Ginggoy

What The 2017 Best Dressed Men Wore To The Preview Ball

Presenting the gentlemen.
The boys are back! For the first time in Preview history, we've awarded Manila's most stylish gents a place on our Best Dressed list. They didn't snag a spot for nothing—check out what they wore to the Preview Ball, below!IMAGE Ginggoy LothoJericho

The 2017 Preview Best Dressed Men

Check out the most stylish men in the Metro.
Undoubtedly the most anticipated print issue of the year is our annual Best Dressed List, wherein Preview puts the spotlight on 10 women whose styles are truly inspiring. But more and more, the men about town have also captured our attention with

Our Best Dressed Girls Reveal When They Fell in Love With Fashion

It was love at first sight for some.
"It's my longest relationship," says film director Sam Lee when asked about her love affair with fashion. (Not that we'd ever break up with it, obviously.)You see, every girl who has found herself falling head over heels in love with style could very