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Women in Media: Podcasts to Keep You Company During Quarantine

All-women voices for Women's Month!
Women in Media: Podcasts to Keep You Company During Quarantine All-women voices for Women's Month!

Despite the pronounced craziness unfolding around us, there are forms of relief built into this season of seeming isolation. Ultimately, life persists, and, thankfully, there is still room for more good things: more sincere mindfulness, more relationship-building, more learning, and so on. Anxieties might be growing increasingly inarticulable as we navigate the rough start of a new decade, but there's an evergreen merit to reclaiming a bit of voice. 

To hopefully recenter you, here are some podcasts featuring lively conversations and a wide variety of insights. You can listen to them while working at home, cooking dinner, chilling with your pets, organizing your closet, and so on. Podcasts are a great way to pace tasks, gain inspiration, and add another layer to the day. Below, we've listed eight podcasts hosted mainly by women, keeping in line with women's month! 

1. Agam the Climate Podcast hosted by Padma Perez and Joseph Santos-Lyons


Agam The Climate Podcast is a "literary podcast about climate, consciousness, and crisis, but without jargon." Presenting a strong roster of Filipino artists, the podcast feels like a cultural beacon. Poets, musicians, and visual artists are given a space to meditate on global crises using art as a prism. The podcast often passes the microphone to voices from other regions, periodically drawing attention away from the Metro, giving a platform to some underrated thinkers in the Philippine creative scene. 

2. Rookie hosted by Tavi Gevinson

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Tavi Gevinson is a household name. A prodigious multi-hyphenate, she's reported very extensively and dedicatedly on the experience of being a teenage girl. She subsumes her roles as editor, writer, and actress under her self-proclaimed true job: being a professional fangirl. Despite its discontinuation following the retirement of Rookie, its parent magazine, the podcast stands as a valuable artifact of the Rookie community. Tune in to feel as though you're at a sleepover with pop culture icons like Lorde and Winona Ryder

3. Omondi Presents: The Cutting Room Floor hosted by Recho Omondi


In her podcast's trailer, designer Recho Omondi quoted Tom Ford: "You only have to move fashion forward when there becomes a reason to move fashion forward." This nervy rationale is the throughline of her fashion podcast. Serving commentary on fashion with a groovy, R&B-like swagger, (maybe it's the choice of background music too?) Omondi uncloaks the fashion industry by interviewing noteworthy names in the business and offering her own insights, ever-animated by her personal experience as an amateur fashion junkie-turned designer. 

4. Fat Mascara hosted by Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein 


With day jobs as editors, Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein bring a fiercely upbeat podcast on beauty news, holy grail products, beauty business reports, and others. Consider them the unofficial news anchors of the beauty world. They bring beauty experts onto the show to talk about plastic surgery, ageing, tattoos, skincare, the appropriate age to start wearing makeup, and so on. 

5. Naked Beauty hosted by Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli


Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli's dulcet voice will talk you through the ecology of beauty, touching upon a wider scope of topics, including general fitness and healthy eating. Her podcast is refreshingly hinged on admiration: she features interviews with women she admires in the industry, and uses these unfiltered exchanges to springboard toward deeper insights on beauty culture. 

6. Project Vanity hosted by Liz Lanuzo and Denise Bengzon 


Finally, a beauty podcast by Filipinas! Bloggers and beauty entrepreneurs Liz Lanuzo and Denise Bengzon host Project Vanity, a lighthearted and informative show featuring big names in the Philippine beauty scene. So far, they've interviewed the likes of Happy Skin co-founder Rissa Mananquil Trillo and Colourette founder and CEO Nina Dizon. They're onto something with this self-aware and and highly relatable show. Tune in to this podcast and visit their website for updates on all things beauty. 

7. In Good Company hosted by Otegha Uwagba 


Here's a lush and exhilaratingly erudite podcast brought to us by Oxford graduate and Forbes 30-under-30 lister Otegha Uwagba. She is an author, entrepreneur, and cultural innovator: In her twenties, she founded Women Who, a platform for fostering community among female creative professionals. I'd say that this cozy podcast is perfect for young women dreaming of careers in beauty, advertising, journalism, literature, and fashion. With impeccable perspective, Otegha sets up intimate conversations with influential women who offer incisive and focused mentorship with a whole lot of heart and understanding. 

8. Culture Call hosted by Lilah Raptopoulos and Griselda Murray Brown 


Offering insight on feminism, film, astrology, and the Internet, among other things, Culture Call is an award-winning podcast from Financial Times. Hosted by editors Lilah Raptopoulos and Griselda Murray Brown, this bustling podcast booms with in-depth research, dynamic conversation with cultural critics, and sharp musings on all things current. If you're in for a deep dive, here's an accessible masterclass on how to approach hot-button issues.  

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