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10 Underrated Local Clothing Brands Proudly Owned by Inspiring Women

From summer staples to statement pieces, let these ladies curate the perfect wardrobe for you!
The world of fashion has always been a safe space for women of all walks of life, from working moms, to grandmothers, and even to students. Nobody ever said starting a clothing label was easy, but being a woman in the field

5 Inspiring Filipina Artists Who've Received International Awards

These Pinay voices are lighting the way for Filipino artists all over the world.
In the Philippines, we’ve seen many inspiring Filipina pioneers and promoters of local culture and arts–from Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray to Dangal ng Haraya awardee and Kalinga tattoo artist Apo Whang-Od. While more and more female creatives are being given decision-making

Adidas PH Conducts an All-Female Program For Casual Runners

Fifteen girls hit the road for a more active lifestyle.
To align with their long-running mantra that fitness is for everyone, Adidas unveiled a new campaign that tapped local runners united under a common fitness goal: to jumpstart a healthy physical and mental lifestyle amid the pandemic.In the global apparel brand's 'Girls

Pia Wurtzbach Flaunts Her Stretch Marks and Cellulite in an Empowering Post

"This body has carried me through life, and I will honor it— cellulites, jiggles and all."
The Miss Universe 2020 pageant is fast approaching, and Instagram is brimming with displays and discussions of polished beauty. While there's totally nothing wrong with developing an eye for glossy photoshoots and curated glam, our very own Miss Universe 2015 winner Pia Wurtzbach is

Pia Wurtzbach Urges People to Stop Pitting Women Against Each Other

"2021 na, tigilan na natin yung pagco-compare sa mga babae sa isa't isa."
"Who wore it better?" This may seem like an innocent question but something this simple is an act of pitting women against each other. If you take a look at how society portrays women, you may find small ways in which we're

This Local Instagram Shop Specializes in Making Aesthetic Boobie Pots

You can customize the skin tone, add freckles, piercings, or even tattoos!
One quarantine trend we’re unabashedly embracing is everyone’s newfound love for aesthetic décor that shows off body positivity. Think body vases, molded soy candles, and booty mugs! Professional makeup artist Denisse Martin, 32, saw the market for it and came up with

Women in Media: Podcasts to Keep You Company During Quarantine

All-women voices for Women's Month!
Despite the pronounced craziness unfolding around us, there are forms of relief built into this season of seeming isolation. Ultimately, life persists, and, thankfully, there is still room for more good things: more sincere mindfulness, more relationship-building, more learning, and so on.

Data Proves The Philippines Has the Most Women in Top Business Positions

The Philippines also outranked the U.S., U.K., U.A.E., South Korea, Germany, France, Spain, and a number of other major countries and economies.
The Philippines topped Grant Thornton International’s 2020 Women in Business report with the most number of women occupying senior management positions. The annual report studied 32 countries and found that this year, 43 percent of the Philippines' top leadership roles were being

Was KC Concepcion’s Photo “Too Much”?

The reactions to her Instagram photo speak volumes on how we continue to police women’s bodies.
When it comes to making the rounds on Instagram, hubadera pics are a dime a dozen: You can easily visit any actress’ or model’s page and view the assortment of bikini photos from travel-worthy vacation spots, outtakes of photo shoots that show

Here's Why It's Important for Women to Negotiate Their Worth

Ladies, don't be afraid to ask for a well-deserved raise or promotion!
She Talks Asia is a movement that communicates with their audience through conferences and different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and their website. With a team of powerful female leaders and guest speakers, they are able to spark conversations and

Meet This Inspiring Filipina Who Is Redefining Manila's Wellness Scene

Tanya Maria Aguila of ONELIFE Studio has empowering insights on career and self-love.
ONELIFE Studio is a wellness center that advocates women’s health, self-care, and overall transformation through elements of Pilates and physiotherapy. Essentially, the brand focuses on a personalized fitness program to enable women to become their strongest. The brand recently celebrated their sixth anniversary