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The Biggest Easter Egg in "Squid Game" That You Probably Missed

The Biggest Easter Egg in "Squid Game" That You Probably Missed
The clues about the games were right there all along!

Weeks after the it’s initial release, Squid Game continues to secure its spot on Netflix’s Top 10. In case you haven't caught up yet, the K-drama thriller, follows the different players who compete in a series of childhood games in order to win 45.6 billion won. But, instead of a friendly competition, the players who lose the games are killed off in a bloodbath. In spite of its gory (and twisted) nature, Squid Game has easily become a worldwide phenomenon.


Apart from its interesting storyline and stellar cast, Squid Game is appreciated by many also because of the unique symbolisms and analogies it presents. On social media, there are many stories discussing the “hidden meanings” or “easter eggs” in the show. People even love theorizing about the charcters' backstories and possible future pathways of the show! But it seems like the biggest clue of all is right under everyone's nose.


In the show, players are not informed beforehand about the games to ensure fairness and equality. However, some players are able to pick up cues about the games they’re going to play due to hints from their environment. As viewers of the show, we were also able to spot an important clue: The walls of the dormitory actually reveal the games they were going to play all along! 

As the beds get slowly stripped away, the markings on the wall reveal all the games that the characters have played or will play. 

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At the start of the show, it was quite challenging to see the marking because of the large number of beds and people. But upon seeing these images of the empty room, it's safe to say that the clues regarding the games were right there all along. 

Marked across the walls, you could see the different children's games clear as day—squid game, honeycomb game, tug of war, glass stepping stones, marbles, and red light, green light. We don't know for certain if anybody was able to see these clues, but imagine how differently the story would play out if any of the players found this out!

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