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Son Ye Jin Shared the Secret to Her Success

Son Ye Jin Shared the Secret to Her Success She also has a special message for her Filipino fans!

The secret’s out and the beautiful face beneath the helmet in Smart’s teasers has finally been revealed. Crash Landing On You star Son Ye Jin was just revealed as the face for the telecommunications provider’s Signature Plan, and Filipino netizens are buzzing with excitement.

At the virtual press conference this afternoon, an interview with the actress was aired and her warm smile emanated from the screen. Wearing a pristine white puff-sleeved dress with her long hair swept to one side, she was so endearing as she answered each question. She said that she was very happy to be the newest endorser of Smart, and was sad she couldn’t be here to see all her fans in the Philippines because of the current situation. She even ended her message with “Mahal ko kayo!” pronounced quite well.

And if you’re curious about what she shared, here are a few things we jotted down from her short Q&A. It’s official, we’re even bigger fans now!



PHOTO BY Smart Communications


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On advice she can give to young fans who hope to achieve success like her some day

Ye Jin humbly says “There’s nothing special about me,” explaining that while she plays a character in front of the camera, behind it, she is a normal person like all of us. She goes on to say that while she is not sure if she has succeeded, her advice to young people who are starting out in acting or in other fields is that it’s normal to be scared and experience hardships. She experienced the same. What’s helped her is that she always sets a goal. And even if reality is not close to that goal, she says to make the best out of everything as it’s definitely a step closer to your dreams. “Keep fighting!” she cheers, punctuating it with a fist in the air.

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She also shares that it's important to take a break to "rest and recharge." She said that sometimes we tend to push ourselves too hard, and getting some time to relax and reset helps so that we can show a better version of ourselves when we get back to work.


PHOTO BY Smart Communications


On her message to her Filipino Fans

The actress shared that she is grateful for the love and support of her Filipino fans that she sees on social media. She’s also thankful for a fast and reliable network that allows her to reach her fans through her shows that the audience can stream online as well as through social media. It was revealed that she visited Palawan 10 years ago, and that she looks forward to the day these challenging times are over so that she can visit her fans in the Philippines.

One thing’s for sure, all of us Son Ye Jin fans are looking forward to the day we can see her in person. For now, you can click replay on her video for Smart Signature to see this power woman in action.

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