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Did You Know? The Episode Titles of "Our Beloved Summer" Are Actually Named After Iconic Movies

So cool!
Did You Know? The Episode Titles of "Our Beloved Summer" Are Actually Named After Iconic Movies
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So cool!

In K-dramas, we learn something new in every episode. Sometimes they are genius references to other Korean series, other times they're phrases used IRL! Because we love to dig deep when a K-drama becomes our favorite, here's today's nugget of wisdom: Did you know that the Our Beloved Summer episode titles are named after popular movies?

The first time we've noticed this was when we watched episodes one to three and the titles felt familiar. There seems to be a trend in every ep and it turns out, they're really similar to some of the most iconic films we've seen (some titles are tweaked, though)! Maybe the screenwriter is a huge movie fan? We did some research on what the flicks are and we found out that one of them has a Korean remake starring our Kim Da Mi!

Check out the Our Beloved Summer episode titles and their movie counterparts:

1. Our Beloved Summer Episode One 

The episode title: I Know What You Did Last Summer


The movie title: I Know What You Did Last Summer

This episode gave us a sneak peek of Yeon-su (Da Mi) and Woong (Choi Woo Shik)'s viral documentary (which was filmed during summertime) and what they're up to after 10 years. There's no blood involved here unlike in the horror movie I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) and it rather shows Yeon-su and Woong's lives as high school students (and their never-ending squabble).

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2. Our Beloved Summer Episode Two 

The episode title: 1792 Days Of Summer

The movie title:  500 Days Of Summer

Another reference to summertime coming through! Episode two marks Yeon-su and Woong's reunion after a decade and it's not exactly what you've imagined, LOL (remember when Woong was all prepared with his water spray?). Like Our Beloved Summer, the American film 500 Days Of Summer (2009) is also a rom-com, and guess what—both of them have an elevator scene featuring the leads! IYKYK.

3. Our Beloved Summer Episode Three

The episode title: 10 Things I Hate About You

The movie title: 10 Things I Hate About You

Episode three listed down the things Woong hates about Yeon-su but not without mentioning the things he loves about her, of course (the cherry blossom scene still makes us swoon!). The movie counterpart, 10 Things I Hate About You (1999), is also under the rom-com genre and is about the bittersweet love story of a high school couplemuch like Our Beloved Summer's plot.


4. Our Beloved Summer Episode Four 

The episode title: The Boy, Or The Girl, We Liked Then

The movie title: Those Years, The Girl We Chased After Together (also known as You Are The Apple Of My Eye)

The high school versions of Yeon-su and Woong are now starting to fall for each other in this episode! However, fast forward to the present, things are starting to heat up between the two. Those Years, The Girl We Chased After Together is a 2011 Taiwanese film that revolves around a playful student and a top student, their breakup, and the moments where they reminisced about their past romance. Uhm, is this Yeonsu and Woong??

5. Our Beloved Summer Episode Five

The episode title: A Secret That Can't Be Told

The movie title: Secret

From the point of view of Ji Woong (Kim Sung Cheol), his longtime friendship with Woong is shown in this ep and we were in tears, TBH. This duo is so precious! What's the secret here based on the episode's title, you ask? It's Ji Woong's hidden feelings for Yeon-su. Meanwhile, Secret is a Taiwanese film (2007) that tells the "story of a piano prodigy who transfers into a new school and meets a girl playing a mysterious melody in an old practice room." And, it's set for a Korean remake starring EXO's D.O!


6. Our Beloved Summer Episode Six

The episode title: Pride And Prejudice

The movie title: Pride And Prejudice

Ah, the classic novel-turned-movie Pride And Prejudice (2005). Similar to episode six—which brought us to Yeon-su and Woong's breakup and Woong's live drawing show—there's also a rain scene here but the exact one is seen on episode eight.

7. Our Beloved Summer Episode Seven

The episode title: Catch Me If You Can

The movie title: Catch Me If You Can

In this episode, Woong shares why he likes running away. We also saw how he and Yeon-su disappeared when they were supposed to attend a party with Ji Woong, Sol Yi (Park Jin Joo), Eun Ho (Ahn Dong Goo), and Chae Ran (Jeon Hye Won). For its movie counterpart, Catch Me If You Can (2022) is an American flick about a scam artist who ran away.

8. Our Beloved Summer Episode Eight 

The episode title: Before Sunset


The movie title: Before Sunset

We went on a trip down memory lane in episode eight and witnessed Yeon-su and Woong's first outing together. In the present, they went on a trip with their friends and kissed in the rain before sunset. Speaking of before sunset, the 2004 American film follows the lives of Jesse and Celine and their time together which was shown in a novel. The book was written because Jesse hopes to see Celine again after many years.

9. Our Beloved Summer Episode Nine

The episode title: Just Friends

The movie title: Just Friends

This is the ep where Yeon-su and Woong decided to be...just friends. But who would believe them when they still think of each other 24/7, right? The 2005 American comedy flick has the same storyline and features the platonic relationship of two besties.

10. Our Beloved Summer Episode 10

The episode title: Hello, My Soulmate

The movie title: Soul Mate


This episode refers to Woong and Ji Woong's friendship that goes beyond having the same name. They've been friends since they were young until now that they're thriving in their respective careers, and this goes to show that they are indeed soulmates. Now here's a fun fact about the movie counterpart: The 2016 Chinese film Soul Matewhich chronicles the 14-year-old friendship of two people—will have a Korean adaptation and Kim Da Mi is set to take the lead role!


11. Our Beloved Summer Episode 11

The episode title: Our Nights Are More Beautiful Than Your Days

The movie title: My Nights Are More Beautiful Than Your Days

The heart wants what it wants and episode 11 is a clear depiction of that. Yeonsu and Woong have finally opened up to each other about their feelings and we were gifted with a kiss at the end! On the other hand, the 1989 French film My Nights Are More Beautiful Than Your Days is more of a tragic tale compared to this ep.

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12. Our Beloved Summer Episode 12

The episode title: Begin Again

The movie title: Begin Again

Yeonsu and Woong are now back in each other's arms (hence the episode's title) and we couldn't be happier for them! We get to see them on a date where Woong surprised Yeonsu at work. As for the 2013 musical-comedy movie, Begin Again shows that anyone can start overmay it be in love or career.


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