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8 K-Dramas and Movies to Watch if You're a Fan of Ong Seong Wu

He's already been nominated for a Baeksang Arts Award.
8 K-Dramas and Movies to Watch if You're a Fan of Ong Seong Wu
IMAGE Moment at Eighteen/JTBC, More Than Friends/JTBC
He's already been nominated for a Baeksang Arts Award.

Ong Seong Wu may only have a handful of acting credits under his belt, but did you know that this rising star already has a number of nominations and awards to his name? This includes a Best New TV Actor nod from the Baeksang Arts Awards in 2020—a true testament to the fact that he’s as much a skilled actor as he is a respected K-pop idol. If you want to see Seong Wu’s acting chops for yourself, we’ve got just the list for you.

8 K-Dramas and Movies Starring Ong Seong Wu:


At Eighteen (2019)

Watch on: Netflix, Viu

At Eighteen is Seong Wu's K-drama debut. He plays 18-year-old Choi Joon-woo in this coming-of-age series. A reserved introvert, he's forced to transfer schools after being sanctioned for a violation he did not commit. His plans to live a quiet and reclusive life in his new school, however, is ruined when he's blamed for yet another crime. 


Also starring: Kim Hyang Gi, Shin Seung Ho, Moon Bin

More Than Friends (2020)

Watch on: Netflix, Viu, iQiyi

The cheerful Kyung Woo-yeon has harbored feelings for her best friend, Lee Soo (Seong Wu), for 10 years. When she finally musters up the courage to confess to him, Soo politely rejects her and asks that they stay friends instead. Heartbroken, Woo-yeon struggles to move on, up until she meets On Joon-soo, the wealthy and handsome CEO of a book publishing house. As the two pursue a relationship with each other, a jealous Soo comes back into the picture and tries to win back Woo-yeon’s heart.

Also starring: Shin Ye Eun, Kim Dong Jun, Pyo Ji Hoon

Would You Like a Cup of Coffee (2021)

Watch on: Viki, WeTV Philippines

Park Seok has run his cafe on his own all his life. When an earnest young man named Kang Go-bi asks that he take him under his wing, Seok is reluctant but soon gives in after seeing his passion for coffee. Together, the pair take turns teaching each other a thing or two about life, while servicing various customers along the way.

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Also starring: Park Ho San, Seo Young Hee, Kim Ye Eun

Strong Woman Kang Nam-soon (Coming Soon)

This sequel to the 2017 hit Strong Woman Do Bong-soon centers on Bong-soon’s cousin, Kang Nam-soon. Nam-soon went missing in Mongolia when she was a kid. Now a grown adult, she journey’s to Gangnam to find her family, whom she soon learns have superhuman strength just like her. Trouble quickly finds them once they reunite as they get involved in a drug case being investigated by Seong Wu’s character, Kang Hee-shik. As Nam-soon helps with the case, she develops a fondness for Hee-shik.

Also starring: Lee Yoo Mi, Byeon Woo Seok, Kim Jung Eun, Kim Hae Sook


Life Is Beautiful (2022)

This musical road film about first love premiered at the Fribourg International Film Festival last March 2022. Realizing she doesn’t have much time left, Oh Se-yeon gets the sudden urge to find her first love from her high school days. She asks her husband to help her in this endeavor as her birthday gift, and though he’s initially reluctant about the idea, he eventually joins her on her peculiar search for Jeong-woo. Seong Wu plays Jeong-woo in flashbacks, Se-yeon’s teenage love.


Also starring: Yum Jung Ah, Ryu Seung Ryong, Park Se Wan

Seoul Vibe (2022)

Watch on: Netflix (Coming Soon)

Set in the backdrop of the 1988 Seoul Olympics, Seoul Vibe centers on the drivers of the Sanggye-dong Supreme Team, who suddenly find themselves entangled in the slush fund investigation of a powerful person on the same day as the Olympics’ opening ceremony. With everyone focused on the games, a group of baby drivers are enlisted to move illegal funds with the help of their “amazing drifting skills.”

Also starring: Yoo Ah In, Go Kyung Pyo, Park Ju Hyun

20th Century Girl (2022)

Watch on: Netflix (Coming Soon)

Seong Wu will reportedly make a special appearance in this upcoming Netflix film. It centers on Bo-ra, a 17-year-old high school student who keeps a close eye on Hyun-jin, the popular boy in their high school, as a favor to her best friend who has a crush on him. As time goes by and with her friend still in the U.S. for heart surgery, Bo-ra starts falling for Hyun-jin, too.


Also starring: Kim Yoo Jung, Byeon Woo Seok, Park Jung Woo, Roh Yoon Seo

PHOTO BY Netflix

Jung’s Family Cattle Ranch (Coming Soon)

A family drama set in the countryside, this film tells the relationship between Man-soo and Byung-soo, two brothers who’ve been raising cattle on the same farm but haven’t spoken to each other in 30 years. Seong Wu will portray Kang Jeong-hoon, the new veterinarian in town.


Also starring: Ryu Seung Ryong, Park Hae Joon


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