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Martine Cajucom-Ho's House Was Just Featured on Man Repeller

Martine Cajucom-Ho's House Was Just Featured on Man Repeller
It's the ultimate farewell to her Insta-famous first Manila home.

Two Ms have just gotten together, and, yeah, it's a big deal. Martine Cajucom-Ho's funky pastel dream of an apartment has just been featured on cool, chic, culture-savvy American blog Man Repeller!

Swear, we click on over to Man Repeller to feed our style-hungry souls almost every single day, so this is real news to us. The feature, which Martine calls a "farewell" to the first Ho Haus (yep, she's just moved out and into a new space), takes a whole new set of readers into her Insta-famous one-bedroom as the latest installation of the site's Make Yourself at Home series.


The story goes on to enumerate, in Martine's own words, five furniture pieces that have made it special in her eyes. Look out for a painting created by one of her Diaz aunts back in the '80s, plus a minimalist glass dining set that she found "in a random department store here in the Philippines." Oooh. Read the rest of article to know more!

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