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Martine Cajucom-Ho's House Was Just Featured on Man Repeller

It's the ultimate farewell to her Insta-famous first Manila home.
Two Ms have just gotten together, and, yeah, it's a big deal. Martine Cajucom-Ho's funky pastel dream of an apartment has just been featured on cool, chic, culture-savvy American blog Man Repeller!Swear, we click on over to Man Repeller to feed our style-hungry

5 Ladies Who Aren't Afraid to Repeat Clothes on Instagram

And still slay their looks.
Instagram can be a place for bright, shiny new things. But with this new year, there's something we should give more of our attention to: Fashion consumption and the environment. Don't get us wrong: We love our fast fashion. But with that

WATCH: This is How to Tie A Neck Scarf

If you've had enough of the choker.
When chokers started gracing the necks of fashionistas all over the world, it was obvious that it would only be a matter of time before the neck scarf made its way back into the limelight. We’re not talking about thick cashmere scarves that

3 Other Uses For Your Hollywood Fashion Tape

Use it to fake a cropped top!
In the eyes of a layman, Hollywood Fashion Tape is merely some double sided-tape put in pretty pink packaging so that women go, “Oh cute! I need this!” when they see it.Hollywood Fashion Tape, P499, Beauty BarBut being the girls that we are, we

5 Ways to Channel a Modern Annie Hall, According to Leandra Medine

Because nothing is more appealing than masculine silhouettes on a woman.
Sometimes, a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do, and that’s to walk out of the house looking as if she just raided her father’s closet. At one point in your childhood, you probably picked office wear as the

9 of the Most Beautiful Boards to Follow on Pinterest

From yummy desserts to interior inspirations.
While it may have a reputation for being a bit too girly, there’s certainly more to Pinterest than just braid how-tos and wedding pegs. It’s a visual bookmarking tool that allows you to discover and save creative ideas—like Google Images only better!With

How The Celebs Are Wearing The Man-repeller Pieces: Men's Shoes

The "ugly shoe trend" doesn't end with the mandals.
Remember when we did a quick survey and asked Summit’s male editors what they think of derbies as opposed to stilettos? Quite surprisingly, even the dudes seem to appreciate the appeal of masculine shoes being worn by us ladies. Not that we

How The Celebs Are Wearing The Man-repeller Pieces: Mandals

Frankly, we don't think there's anything ugly about the “ugly shoe trend.”
Not so long ago, the term “It shoes” would automatically be synonymous to killer heels and sky-high stilettos. Until this day, even the celebrities go gaga over a pair of Valentinos and Louboutins. And while we believe that high-heeled steppers will forever