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7 Korean Boys' Love Series You'll Want to Binge Watch Right Now

7 Korean Boys' Love Series You'll Want to Binge Watch Right Now
IMAGE Mr Heart/Viki, Where Your Eyes Linger/Viki, To My Star/Viki
You can check all of them out online.

Nowadays, everything seems to be better when there's a "K" attached to it. This is especially true when it comes to TV shows, where every month or so there seems to be a new K-drama for fans to obsessively binge watch. Some shows have us chuckling, others make us shed tears, but all of them leave us with big smiles on our faces. We always hope that there's a "Next Episode" button to click after the credits roll!

With Boys' Love series being rampant all over Asia, it's no surprise that Korean iterations of the genre have been popping up as well. We mean, queer stories deserve just as much love and recognition, right? Below, we round up 7 of the best Korean BL dramas you can readily stream online.

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7 Korean BL Series to Watch:

1. Where Your Eyes Linger (2020)

Watch on: WeTV, Viki

Han Tae-joo was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and with Kang Gook by his side. The duo is inseparable until Choi Hye-mi, a newcomer at their high school, takes interest in Kang Gook. Feeling more jealous than he probably should, Tae-joo starts to see his best friend in a new light.

Starring: Han Gi Chan, Jang Eui Soo, Choi Yeon Cheong

2. Mr. Heart (2020)

Watch on: WeTV, Viki

Go Sang-ha may not be best sprinter of his school's track and field team, but his can-do attitude always gets him through the finish line. On the other hand, Jin Won has all the skill but none of the gusto needed to up his game. This leads their coach to team them up in trainings, much to the dismay of Jin Won. While the two initially don't get along, they eventually begin developing feelings for one another. 


Starring: Han Se Jin, Cheon Seung Ho

3. To My Star (2021)

Watch on: WeTV, Viki

Kang Seo-joon's hay days in front of the camera have come to an abrupt pause. It doesn't dull his outgoing nature though, as he meets and gets infatuated by introverted chef Han Ji-woo. The two are polar opposites in terms of their personalities and outlooks on life, yet they still try their luck at a possible romance. However, things start to get a bit bumpy for the two considering all the differences they have that still need resolving.

Starring: Son Woo Hyun, Kim Kang Min

4. Color Rush (2020)

Watch on: Viu, AppleTV

"Monos" are people who only see things in black, white, and gray. Each one of them has a fated "Probe" who can allow them to view the world in full color, inducing a sensation aptly coined a "color rush." Choi Yeon-woo is a Mono who's found his Probe in Go Yoo-han, though he hesitates to advance their relationship any further, in fear of being too dependent on him. Despite this, Yoo-han is persistent, encouraging Yeon-woo to experience all of the color rushes he wants, as long as they get to be close to one another.

Starring: Yoo Jun, Hur Hyun Jun

5. Wish You: Your Melody from My Heart (2020)

Watch on: WeTV, Viki

Nothing will stop Kang In-soo from becoming a successful singer. Thanks to a friend who posts his performances online, he gets noticed by Yoon Sang-yi, a keyboardist at a major record company. Sang-yi reaches out to In-soo and invites him to be part of their label's rookie project. This, however, means living under one roof. The two start to collaborate on things, both musically, and romantically. 

watch now

Starring: Kang In Soo, Lee Sang

6. You Make Me Dance (2021)

Watch on: WeTV, Viki, iflix

More than anything else, Shong Shi-on enjoys dancing. He loves it so much that even being kicked out of his home couldn't stop him from pursuing it. He moves into an apartment and becomes roommates with Jin Hong-seok, a debt collector who also dreams of being an artist. With every step and turn, Shi-on starts to thaw Hong-seok's icy facade. Although, their budding relationship gets derailed by Hong-seok's meddling boss, Cha Soo-ryun, and Shi-on's jealous classmate, Lee Jung-hoon.

Starring: Choo Young Woo, Won Hyung Hoon, Lee Soo Ryun, Lex

7. Tinted With You (2021)

Watch on: Viki

Art student Jung Eun-ho gets commissioned to finish a painting unearthed from centuries ago. By some bizarre turn of events, he gets transported to the feudal era of Korea, where he meets exiled crown prince Lee Heon. The two get to know one another, forming a bond that goes past the platonic stage. When a bounty is placed on Lee Heon's head by his power-hungry brother, Seo Jin, Eun-ho does what he can to save his newfound paramour.

Starring: Ace's Jun, Yoo Hyun Woo, Yang Seung Bin

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