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Kim Seo Hyung Reveals She Chose "Mine" for the K-Drama's LGBT Love Story

"Mine" is now one of the highest rated K-dramas on cable TV of all time.
If you’ve already watched Kim Seo Hyung on Temptation of Wife and Sky Castle, then chances are, you’ve followed the actress’ irresistible charms and charisma all the way to her recently concluded K-drama Mine.In this series, she plays the elegant, intelligent, and

The Cast of "The Prom" Weigh in on Reconciling With Homophobic Parents

"We deserve to be loved unconditionally without twisting ourselves...for other people’s approval."
“Giddy, smart, big-hearted” were just a few choice words that critics used to describe the original Broadway version of The Prom. Operating with the same plot and score, Netflix’s recent movie musical adaptation follows suit to a T, of course, albeit with

This App Provides a Safe Online Space for the LGBTQ Community to Gather This Pride Month

While you're at it, you can help our queer lolos and lolas who were economically impacted by the pandemic!
More than a celebration, Pride marches have always fostered a sense of community that allows every LGBTQ individual to feel empowered to be themselves. Though the current quarantine measures may be keeping us from painting the streets rainbow this June, no pandemic

10 New LGBTQ+ Shows You Can Stream Online

From binge-watch worthy TV series to feel-good films.
In the past few years, positive LGBTQ+ representation has been given some space in mainstream media. We've seen diverse portrayals in TV shows like Orange Is the New Black and The L Word: Generation Q, witnessed the rise of documentaries that give

8 K-Dramas Featuring Memorable LGBT Characters

Have you seen any of these shows?
In a study by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) called Society at a Glance 2019: A Spotlight on LGBT People, the group revealed that Korea continues to severely lag behind when it comes to accepting the queer community as

Here's Why Everyone's Absolutely in Love With Thai Series "2gether"

It's every queer person's dream love story.
It's official, social media's fallen hard for Thailand's newest Boys' Love (BL) series. Officially titled 2gether: The Series, the show, which currently averages 2 million views per episode on YouTube, is based on a novel by Thai writer JittiRain. It's one of

8 of the Best Countries for Same-Sex Weddings

Because love is love no matter where you live.
Same-sex marriage is currently legal in 30 countries around the globe. Though the number only accounts for an eighth of the world’s nations, every small victory is always celebrated like a communal international pride party. And rightfully so, seeing as same-sex couples

"They" Is Merriam Webster's Word of the Year and Here's Why It Matters

The search volume for "they" jumped up to 313% this 2019.
Merriam-Webster just declared "they" as its 2019 word of the year and it's nothing short of groundbreaking. Now you're probably inclined to scrunch your nose in doubt or confusion when the very word sounds so miniscule and mundane. It's something you use daily and

Cebu Pacific Hires First-Ever Filipina Transwoman Flight Attendants

Meet Jess Labares and Mikee Vitug.
Though a long road ahead, the LGBTQ community’s rights continue to progress one step at a time. This time, it comes in the form of a major Philippine airline hiring the country’s first transwoman flight attendants: Jess Labares and Mikee Vitug.Jess, a reigning beauty

These Brides Wore Elegant White Suits to Their Wedding

The touching ceremony of the Alexes!
Couple Alex Montemayor and Alex Moreno (yup, they share the same name!) caught the hearts of many when their wedding photos were shared on Facebook last October 4. The couple, who has been together for five years, said their I Dos in elegant white suits. Alex

You Can Buy These Colorful Cakes to Celebrate National Coming Out Day

Because out or not, you deserve a cake simply for being your fabulous self.
Coming out is never easy. In a perfect world where everyone is treated equally no matter your sexuality or gender, having to announce your identity would be unnecessary. Unfortunately, that’s not the case when you live in a society that tends to box

SM Malls Will Soon Have Gender-Neutral Bathrooms By November

Because everyone should be treated equally regardless of gender or sexuality.
The calls for equality and respect especially towards the LGBT community significantly turned into a nationwide discussion last August after Gretchen Diez, a trans woman, was unjustly detained for using the ladies' rest room at a mall in Quezon City.In a continuous

Here's Why You Should (or Shouldn't) Watch "Stop Kiss"

Pro tip: Prepare your tissues.
Stop Kiss revolves around the blossoming love story between Sara and Callie, two strangers, turned friends, who are soon unable to deny their attraction towards each other. Set in a non-linear timeline, the narrative watches the two fall in love for the