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We Asked Influencers for the Best Dishes They've Cooked During Quarantine

Suddenly, we're really hungry.
We Asked Influencers for the Best Dishes They've Cooked During Quarantine
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/jascurtissmith, itscamilleco
Suddenly, we're really hungry.

Whether it stems from boredom, self-soothing, or the opportunity to learn something new, one thing's for sure: the lockdown's turned most everyone into quarantine cooks, and we're definitely not complaining. Besides, who can blame them for expertly turning their day-to-day into an episode of Master Chef  when the easiest and safest way to enjoy your favorite restaurant's dishes these days is to recreate them yourself?

The situation for celebrities and influencers are no different, of course. That said, if you're looking for more food-spiration to add to your kitchen repertoire we asked nine personalities for the best food they've cooked during the quarantine.

Laureen Uy

“I actually learned a lot. I made Shakey’s mojos since they posted the recipe online! My entire experience is on my vlog!”


PHOTO BY Laureen Uy


Liz Uy 

Truffle pasta, and Vongole.


Liz's truffle pasta


Camille Co

“We ordered fresh mussels that were being sold on our village group for a Drunken Mussels night. It’s always been one of my go-to orders whenever I’m in Europe. I didn’t know it was so easy and simple to make! The second dish is a tried and tested recipe of mine even before ECQ. We’ve always been huge fans of The Canton Club’s Salt and Pepper Squid, so I tried to make my own version. It’s always a hit with my family and friends. Last one is something I tried this ECQ. I always look for comfort food whenever I’m experiencing PMS. This time, I was craving for Arroz Caldo. We try to stay away from white rice at our household so I used adlai instead. So good!”


Camille's drunken mussels
PHOTO BY Camille Co


Jasmine Curtis-Smith

“Definitely grilling chicken wings with Nandos marinade! Plus, homemade thick fries to imitate the ones they have back in Australia.”

watch now


PHOTO BY Jasmine Curtis-Smith

Dra. Vicki Belo

During the quarantine, the best dish I cooked was the Nobu-Style Saikyo Miso Sea Bass with a side of fresh salad topped with our top secret Belo dressing.

PHOTO BY Vicki Belo

Lauren Young 

“I made two things for the first time: Flatbread from scratch with chicken and mango salsa—my version of a taco, and Shakshuka. All family meals. I also post IGTV tutorials on the food I make.”

PHOTO BY Lauren Young


Lissa Kahayon

I finally learned how to cook my favs such as Sinigang na Bangus and Tinola! Never knew it was super easy to make so I’m looking forward to practicing and trying out other dishes as well.

Patricia Prieto

Mine would have to me Kimchi Jjigae! I am a sucker for Korean food and this was one of my fave dishes. The first time I did it was during ECQ, and I was genuinely nervous, but it turned out better than I thought! I've cooked it a good number of times during ECQ, and I am always so happy with how it tastes (to the point that I even vlogged about it lol).


PHOTO BY Patricia Prieto


Janeena Chan

“I’ve actually never really cooked or baked anything prior to the lockdown, so I was so surprised to be able to whip up anything in the kitchen! It was out of curiosity and as a challenge to myself too! I tried making my Cheesy Veggie Lasagna just by doing research on some YouTube videos and recipes, and it came out amazing! With this newfound confidence, I the then tried baking and ended up making a pretty legit looking and tasting Apple Pie. I can’t believe it myself! I turned this fun new experience into content too because why not right? Posted some on #JaneenaChannel already! It’s what I fondly call my YT page. Will be posting more recipes and wellness vids there too since I’m trying to incorporate healthier and wholesome dishes into my diet.”


PHOTO BY Janeena Chan

Hannah Locsin

The chocolate cake I made for my brothers birthday! He’s the real chef in the family (a chef de Partie by profession) so I wanted to turn it around for his special day. It was honestly a big guessing game—a lot of improv, eyeballing and prayers—but it came out as a huge success! It was everything we love about a cake: ooey, gooey, absolutely chocolatey, and yummy. And I probably won’t be able to do it again.

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