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15 Gen-Z Slang Words That You Should Be Aware Of

Keep up with the cool kids!
Times are a-changin' and while you've finally caught up on your millennial slang, there's a whole new fountain of words to get acquainted with, especially if you want to understand today's youth, a.k.a. Generation Z. Don't get left out and study up

Patricia Prieto: "Fashion Has Always Been a Form of Self-Expression For Me"

Check out the rest of what she wrote in her Preview Style Diary!
Editor's Note: Preview Style Diary explores an individual's sense of style—from his or her current fashion obsessions, to her go-tos, tried-and-tested tips, down to sartorial moods and shopping habits. Here, we document how fashion plays into his or her everyday life and

How Fluent Are You with the Gen-Z Internet Slang?

Join Patricia Prieto and Ylona Garcia as they try to decode this generation's Internet language.
Every generation has its own set of made-up words unique to their time. Meaning, keeping up with the current youth entails getting in on their vocab. While we've already schooled ourselves on millennial terms aplenty in the past, it's time to move

This Is the Blogger-Approved Hack for Flawless Group Selfies

Spoiler: Ask someone else to take it for you.
Initiating a group selfie is easy. You just need to gather everyone in one spot, and you're ready. But actually taking it? Now that's a challenge, and we know you know what we mean. Capturing everyone in one shot can be difficult,

9 Blogger-Approved Products to Upgrade Your Daily Makeup Routine

Key secrets to looking fresh all day.
Next to celebrities, bloggers are experts at looking camera-ready. That's why we've always been curious about what happens behind-the-scenes of every post, especially in the beauty department. How exactly do these double-tap worthy creatives look so good every day? In addition to

How Bloggers Edit Their Instagram Photos

Their best-kept IG secrets, revealed.
It’s not a mere coincidence that bloggers happen to have a lot of followers on Instagram. Other than the fact that they’re all so obviously social media-savvy, these ladies take the extra mile to curate their feed and make sure that each

Who Takes The Fashion Bloggers' OOTDs?

Mystery solved!
Fashion bloggers have a knack for taking a great outfit shot, featuring the perfect lighting, a complementary background, and a head-to-toe pose! But haven’t you ever wondered how they manage to snap a photo of their own OOTDs? Well, your curiosity ends

8 Female Celebs Who Are Video Game Geeks

They might even be better than the boys.
Whoever said guys were the only ones good at video games obviously hasn't met these beautiful ladies who can kick ass in the gaming world. From World of Warcraft to Final Fantasy, these stars will have no problem beating an average Joe.

10 Blogger Poses to Master

Score tips and nail that OOTD shot!
Whether you want to start a career as a fashion blogger or you’re simply trying to nail the perfect OOTD shot, mastering the art of striking a pose is a must. And who can better teach you these things than our top

BLOGGER SLAM BOOK: Patricia Prieto (Paradigma)

“My guilty pleasure is playing video games.”
(Check out Patricia’s blog here!)FIRST THINGS FIRST…How did you come up with your blog name?I originally wanted it to be called Paradigm Shift but realized that there was a local brand with that name the time I wanted to launch my blog.

5 Bloggers Who Spiced Up Their Basic White Shirts This Week

They make it look anything but basic.
Below, the stylish ladies who made it to our Top Blogger #OOTDs of the week:PATRICIA PRIETO of PARADIGMAPlanning to bring your white button-down to the beach? Like Patricia Prieto, pair it with denim shorts, espadrille sandals and a wide-brim hat to nail

5 Bloggers Who Flaunted Their Legs This Week

Jessica Stein, Carmen Hamilton and more.
Below, the stylish ladies who made it to this week's Top Blogger OOTDs:CARMEN HAMILTON of THE CHRONICLES OF HERWe spotted Carmen Hamilton exploring NYC in her striped wrap dress secured with a leather belt. Her OOTD was made extra chic with a