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How to Take Photos at the Most Crowded Landmarks When Traveling

How to Take Photos at the Most Crowded Landmarks When Traveling
Here are some tips to nailing that perfect travel OOTD!

Who doesn’t love to travel? It's always an opportunity to learn about different cultures, expand your mindset, and appreciate a beautiful new scenery that you can even document with an OOTD shot or two! That said, if your only chance to go on a vacay is during peak season, then it’s inevitable that you'll be visiting a place along with thousand other tourists also vying to take a perfectly shot photo in front of iconic landmarks. So what’s a girl to do? We gleaned expert tips from our favorite Preview girls on how to take next-level travel OOTDs without making it too obvious that you were surrounded by several potential photobombers!

1. Go there extra early.

Here's an expert advice courtesy of Ida Anduyan, who woke up at 4 a.m. in order to achieve this rare shot of the uninhabited Trevi Fountain in Rome. If you’re willing to get dolled up at dawn, it will definitely pay off and result in a fabulous OOTD shot without random people blocking your view.


2. Consider shooting at night.

Go on an evening excursion to see the sights in a totally different light—literally! Under the twilight, places usually take on a more romantic tone. We love the Parisian nighttime pic that KZ Tandingan and her boyfriend Tj Monterde took in front of the Arc de Triomphe. With the people in the background and that chiaroscuro vibe, it could even pass off as a movie poster for a romantic comedy!

3. Shoot upwards.

Here's a trick: To help omit the crowd from the frame, experiment with shooting upwards! Play with new poses like Issa Pressman who did this gorgeous back shot. 

watch now

4. Opt for a close-up shot.

Zeroing in on your face is an opportunity to show off your cool makeup look against the amazing views as your background. It also subtly gives the illusion that you're the only one there (even when you're not). Don't worry if you feel like the landmark is not in full view, though. These places have been shot thousands of times and are instantly recognizable anyway!

5. Use the landmark as your background. 

Sometimes it’s better to let a famous landmark fade in the background. Patricia Prieto brings mystery to her shot, allowing the iconic Marina Bay Sands in Singapore play the supporting role. By not directly showing off where you are, it results in a more intriguing image!


6. Find a good alternative spot!

Sometimes you'll find the perfect spot only for a group of people to get there before you do! Don’t fret. It's natural for everyone to head towards the prime spots. By opting for off-the-beaten paths, you might discover new angles—just like Ida, who opted for the back end of the Louvre glass pyramid, which is less crowded but has literally the same view! Look around and you might find new angles that not everyone will have. 

7. Be patient with your shots. 

It’s all about the timing. Sometimes all it takes is just a few minutes or even mere seconds to capture a clear shot of you and a beloved landmark. Take your cue from Lovi Poe, who managed to snap a crystal clear OOTD featuring Rome’s romantic architecture. Let the people pass by, have patience, and take multiple photos on landscape mode—that way, you'll be able to crop it later on for the best composition.

 8. Figure out a creative way to block the photobombers.

If all else fails, literally position yourself to block that person or crowd out of your shot! Copy YouTube influencer Jenn Im's trick; she cleverly used her sheer top to cover the people behind her. Take a few sample shots to preview if there is anyone photobombing, and then determine how you can creatively block them out with your poses. If there are only a few people in the background, you can easily maneuver yourself to create the perfect travel OOTD!

9. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

If you really can’t get away from the crowd, then use them to your advantage! Take a cue from Pia Wurtzbach, who sauntered around Times Square in New York City—one of the most packed tourist attractions in the world. The crowd adds a story to her shot and made her look like she's in an episode of Sex and the City


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