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How to Take Instagram Photos Like Janine Gutierrez

Tips for the 'gram!
Janine Gutierrez has one of the most envy-inducing IG feeds among local celebrities today. Her photos are always on point—be it an OOTD shot in Paris, a gorgeously lit selfie, or a touristy travel pic while strolling around New York. Which is why, when

Shaira Luna's Photography Tips Will Step Up Your Instagram Game

FYI, you don't need expensive equipment to take good photos.
One of the speakers on day 1 of the Cosmopolitan BEAUTYCON 2019 was none other than Shaira Luna, the go-to photographer of brands and celebrities. Her segment was titled Fun Ways To Pose—And Post On Insta.At the beginning of her talk, Shaira showed some

5 Photography Tips for Beginners, According to Shaira Luna

Learn from the pro!
If you're an aspiring photographer, then Shaira Luna probably needs no introduction. With her signature style of dainty, soft photography, one can easily distinguish her work from a mile away.  She's an in-demand shooter for many brands, both for editorial and commercial, and

How to Take Photos at the Most Crowded Landmarks When Traveling

Here are some tips to nailing that perfect travel OOTD!
Who doesn’t love to travel? It's always an opportunity to learn about different cultures, expand your mindset, and appreciate a beautiful new scenery that you can even document with an OOTD shot or two! That said, if your only chance to go

Here's How You Can Sell Your Photos Through Getty Images

A Filipino travel photographer reveals how he made it happen.
Those travel snaps that you work so hard to frame may just get you more than double taps on Instagram. Think about it: When you randomly search for an image of a specific destination online, there’s a big chance that the results will

10 Best Photo Apps for Capturing Low-Light Instagram Photos

Make your shots IG-worthy even when it's dark!
Available on: iOSPrice: U.S. $5.99 (roughly P315)Who says your iPhone’s camera isn’t cut out for low-light photos? ProCamera. features a Lowlight Mode that will help you capture your #OOTD when you're out partying. This function works great for photographing dark scenes and

Would You Believe That These Stunning Photos Were Taken Using an iPhone?

Apple selected 10 amateur mobile photographers for the Shot on iPhone Challenge 2019.
Sometimes it’s not just about the equipment, it’s also about the skill.Ten iPhone users proved this can be applied to photography too, as Apple Inc. announced the winners of the Shot on iPhone Challenge 2019.The American multinational tech company launched the competition

Where You Can Get Your Photo Books Done For Special Occasions

A way to seal your memories.
When we were younger, our parents would often snap photos of us in our most unflattering moments, and these would automatically go into the photo albums that were eagerly shown to visiting relatives and friends. But as we got older and further

This Is the Blogger-Approved Hack for Flawless Group Selfies

Spoiler: Ask someone else to take it for you.
Initiating a group selfie is easy. You just need to gather everyone in one spot, and you're ready. But actually taking it? Now that's a challenge, and we know you know what we mean. Capturing everyone in one shot can be difficult,

This Photography Project Highlights the Beauty of Morena Skin

Because dark is beautiful, too.
With a slew of whitening products taking over billboards and TV commercials, morenas are led to believe their dark skin is something to be fixed or treated—as if they aren't good enough the way they are. Kids, from a very young age,

This IG Account Is Proof That Everyone Posts the Same Things Online

Get ready to experience déjà vu.
We're all guilty of taking that obligatory IG-worthy shot at some point, but have you ever wondered how often we actually do it?Well, now we've found more proof. An account called Insta Repeat is collaging similar pictures from different people's accounts, showing just how many

The Celebrities’ Favorite Travel Photographer Is Now in the Philippines

You can now book SweetEscape if you're traveling to a local destination!
Remember Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff’s K-drama-inspired prenup shoot in South Korea? What about Coleen Garcia’s super fun bachelorette weekend getaway in Hawaii? Or, you know, Heart Evangelista’s street style OOTDs during Paris Fashion Week?These amazing photos have one thing in common—all

10 Instagram-Approved Ways to Pose with Your Bag

Let your purse take centerstage.
When you’re taking your OOTD, you want to showcase the little details that matter—say, your bag! But we get it, sometimes you can get stumped when thinking of a pose to work with. Well, worry not, Preview girls! We take our cue

This Filipino Photographer Will Make You Feel Proud to Be a Woman

Read up on how Sara Black celebrated her 15th anniversary.
When you're talking about photography in the Philippines, you're sure to mention industry vet Sara Black. With 15 years of experience under her belt, she's developed a distinct portrait style that sets her apart from the rest of her peers. This unique

10 Ways to Pose When You Never Know What to Do With Your Hands

Because no one wants to look awkward.
Some people are naturally adept at taking photos and posing for the camera. But for most people, it can get awkward especially when you don’t know what to do with your hands. One can place their arms akimbo only so many times

Here’s Why Your Nose Looks Bigger in Your Selfies

Angles are everything.
Thanks to countless photo-editing apps out there, not all selfies on the internet are as realistic as they seem. It's become way too easy for us to alter our facial features that we can hardly tell anymore whether people have retouched their