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5 Sweet Treats That Taste So Good You Won't Believe They're Healthy

5 Sweet Treats That Taste So Good You Won't Believe They're Healthy
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Cheat meals minus the guilt.

The worst diet mistake you can ever make is to deprive yourself. You won't stay healthy for long if all you're eating are sad, tasteless meals! Treat yourself once in a while and you'll find yourself easing into a healthy diet for good.

That said, never leave your sweet tooth out of the equation. Despite what everyone else tells you, dessert can be good for you. Take the treats below, for example!

1. Gluten-free Pancakes

Just because you're cutting down on the refined carbs doesn't mean pancakes are forever out of your life. You can still whip up this ultimate breakfast staple, gluten-free style. You just need oatmeal (blended into flour), one banana, and some non-dairy milk. Check the video below for the recipe:

2. Non-Dairy Ice Cream

Ice cream is amazing, no doubt about that. However, all that dairy and refined sugar might make you feel bloated. Luckily, ice cream without those two things exists and it's just as good. You can find them in your local health groceries or even order them online! Adam's Ice Cream and Super Food Grocer have great options that don't taste healthy at all, even if they are!


3. Raw Fruit Balls

The healthiest way to eat fruit is to eat them raw, but that sounds a tad boring if you're looking for a treat. Luckily, a nifty tool called the food processor has the answer to your problems. Process sticky fruits like dates and prunes with some nuts and you'll find yourself an easy DIY dessert. If you're not up for kitchen time, Take Root's Bliss Balls and I Can't Believe It's Vegan's Raw Energy Bites are one click away.

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4. Yogurt

Loaded with probiotics, yogurt is a nutritious sweet treat you won't hate eating. Choose a variant that's loaded with fruit and you're good to go! To go the extra health mile, shop unsweetened and non-dairy kinds.

5. Banana Nice Cream

Yes, you can DIY your own ice cream at home. Simply drop frozen bananas into your blender, add any unsweetened milk of your choice, and pulse! This creates a thick paste that looks exactly like ice cream—only healthier, of course. Add some cocoa powder or other frozen fruit to add more flavor!


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