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Swiss Miss Ice Cream Exists and We're Already Craving

You can now get the chocolatey marshmallow drink in ice cream form!
Hot chocolate lovers, our favorite marshmallow-infused drink is getting a makeover! Yep, Swiss Miss has partnered up with ice cream brand The Lost Bread for a sweet and creamy concoction, and we’re all ready to order a pint or two.Officially named the

10 Mango Desserts to Add to Your Favorites List

From cakes to doughnuts and more!
Mangoes pretty much rule the Filipino fruit world, and for good reason. Their lush, naturally sweet, and tangy flavor (when ripe) satisfies quite like no other fruit—no wonder they’re hailed as the Philippines’ national fruit, and even considered the country’s third most

Brazo de Mercedes Cheesecake Exists and Now We're Totally Craving

Our two favorite desserts just got even better!
One thing this quarantine has definitely taught us is that unusual food combos tend to be the best ones! From the iconic ube cheese pandesal, to mouthwatering leche flan donuts, and now, the newest "quarantreat" gaining traction, Brazo de Mercedes Cheesecake! Based in Pasay

Kim Chiu's Strawberry-Covered Birthday Cake Costs a Whopping P12,000

Our jaws are on the floor.
We do love a good strawberry-related dessert. In fact, strawberry-loaded pastries have quickly emerged as a food trend, which we have no complaints about. We've seen strawberry sandwiches and doughnuts enter the radar, as well as strawberry pancakes and croiffles, but no

This Tiramisu Crepe Cake Will Satisfy Your Dessert Cravings

We're ordering this cake, stat!
Does it get any creamier and dreamier than good ol' tiramisu? Nope, we didn't think so—its layers of mascarpone cream and coffee or kahlua-soaked ladyfingers make for a truly decadent bite, each and every time. It's great as it is, but try

Love Strawberries? Then You Need to Try These Pillowy Doughnuts

There's no scrimping on the strawberries.
There's no shortage of must-try eats in California—but if it's doughnuts you're looking for, it doesn't get any more drool-worthy than the fresh strawberry doughnuts by The Donut Man in L.A. It takes classic strawberry-jelly doughnuts into overdrive, with glazed doughnuts that

Here's Where You Can Score Japan's Fruity KitKat Flavors

Strawberry, Passionfruit, or both?
If you consider yourself an adventurous eater, then you're going to have a blast trying out the hundreds of KitKat flavors in Japan. You can start your sweet journey with KitKat Japan's Strawberry and Passion Fruit flavors.The KitKat Strawberry has wafers coated

We're Drooling Over Ferrero Rocher's New Ice Cream Sticks

It's available in three flavors!
Ferrero, the company behind the popular Ferrero Rocher, has announced that it will be releasing its first-ever ice cream stick. It will be available in three different flavors: Ferrero Rocher, Ferrero Rocher Dark, and Rafaello.Ferrero has turned their chocolate into ice cream by

Mango Float Cream Puffs Exist and They Look Oh-So Good!

The classic ref cake gets a French-inspired twist.
Mango float was probably one of the first desserts you ever made or had at home. It's easy to prepare—just layer away and chill, no baking needed! And with its combo of lightly spiced graham crackers, juicy mangoes, and cream, it's always

This Creamy Dessert Is a Must-Try for Coffee Lovers

Pavlova gets a coffee-flavored twist.
Coffee-flavored desserts usually bring together coffee's bitter and robust profile alongside ingredients like cream and chocolate. We recently spotted a dessert that combines them all into one heck of a treat: Check out Cebu-based online store Délice Homemade Goodies' own Cappuccino Pavlova!Pavlova

We Finally Discovered Where to Order Mouthwatering Ice Cream Sandwiches

They come in a variety of cool flavors, too!
Who doesn’t love ice cream sandwiches? They’re compact, easy to consume, and are absolute treats for your sweet tooth. Take Louie-Luis’ scrumptious version, for example. But if you think this is just some ordinary ice cream smashed between two crispy chocolate wafer pieces,

Buffalo Wings-Flavored Ice Cream Exists, and Here's Where You Can Buy It

Adding this to the list of things we didn't know we needed in our lives.
Unusual ice cream flavors are nothing new to us. Over the years, we've discovered soft-serve versions of Yakult, Indomie, Haw Haw, Chocnut, and even milk tea, but the latest one we spotted will blow your mind (and quite possibly your tastebuds). Introducing:

5 Pies That Are So Good, You'll Be Begging for Another Slice

We've got fillings for you.
Tres leches, cheesecake, cookies—they're all great but today's the day I tell you to stop sleeping on pies. Pies a.k.a. slices of heaven need to be a part of your dessert rotation because even the simplest ones can be sensational. Below are