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FYI, Dalgona Milk Tea Exists and Here's How to Make It

You can totally do this at home.
FYI, Dalgona Milk Tea Exists and Here's How to Make It
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You can totally do this at home.

First, there was dalgona coffee," a TikTok trend that tested the strength of our arms. Next, Erwan Heussaff changed the game by introducing dalgona Milo—a special treat for non-coffee drinkers.

But there's no way we're stopping there, right? Healthy Foodie PH is here to bless your week with dalgona milk tea. What's really great is that there are two recipes, dairy and non-dairy, so no one has to feel left out.


For the non-dairy recipe, you'll be needing: five bags of black tea, hot water, half a cup of muscovado sugar, two egg whites, your choice of milk, and ice! The dairy option is a little easier to make, you just need 250 ml of all-purpose cream, two packs of milk tea powder, milk, and ice.

We know you've probably been dreaming about milk tea for weeks. Try these at home to satisfy those cravings.

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